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Signs that hint at a visit to a child psychologist

Признаки, которые намекают на визит к детскому психологу

There are times when without the help of a specialist can not do. will tell you what signals need to react to the parentParents are the people who always come to the aid of his child will help with advice or a kind word. However, it is not always parental involvement enough, there are situations when you can't do it without the participation of a specialist. In this case, you have come to the aid of child psychologist

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How to teach a kid not to be afraid of the dentist

Как научить малыша не бояться зубного врача

The trip to the clinic with the child, can be a challenge for your child and for you. Tigran Grigoryan, a dentist in General practice, give advice to the reception was held as easy as possible for all participantsNot all children like to be treated, a fear even pediatricians, not to mention the nurse who takes from the finger blood. So the best option: how to motivate your child not to hide from him what you want with him to visit the dentist. Be sure to talk the situation over

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My first teacher: what to do if your child has a conflict with an adult

Учительница первая моя: что делать, если у ребенка конфликт со взрослым

The school is constantly having misunderstandings between teachers and their wards, will tell you what to do and when to interveneIn the relationship between teacher and student often, there are misunderstandings, and for good reason: imagine you have to organize a group of 30 children, hold their attention and teach the lesson. The lesson challenging and not for the faint of heart

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Why young mothers annoy you

Почему молодые мамы вас раздражают

They are already among us. Yazhemateri — who he is and what threatens their distribution will tell WomanHit.ruWe will focus on those most women, which is popularly referred to agemate and that any misconduct of his child say, "This is child".And no, you don't have to be childfree to resent the behavior of some women.We are all active users of social networks, and you've probably heard the discussions of these women

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5 mistakes in parenting

5 ошибок в воспитании детей

Excessive love and care hinder the development ofRare the parent is not willing to do anything for her child, anything, even the moon from the sky. We try our best to give them the best, to protect from any adversity, to do the hard work instead. And as it turns out, to spoil their lives with his love. Especially this sin and grandparents.Mistake # 1Go back to your childhood

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How to teach a child to clean up after themselves

Как приучить ребенка убирать за собой

Psychologists suggest the correct methods of education, which work even on the most harmful babyAll children love to play, but no one likes to clean up toys. Some parents can still get to collect all the dolls and cars in the basket, the other did not get to do that the kids start to act up, so for adults it's easier to do it yourself. Want to change the situation? Here are some tips recommended by psychologists how to teach a child to order

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What not to say to a teenager in love

О чем нельзя говорить влюбленному подростку

In the period of disorder of the relations with the second half your child needs special support. True, some phrases only will upset him more than cheer you up. will tell, what not to sayYoung people are very sensitive, they require a special approach, especially when it comes to love. Remember yourself at his age, you just reacted violently to any interference from the elders. We collected seven phrases that in no event it is impossible to speak in love to a teenager

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Signs of a toxic parent

Признаки токсичного родителя

Sometimes children have a hard time due to difficult relationships with loved ones. tell me why you find it difficult to live in one apartment and how to fight itParents always want the best for their children, but in some cases, against the heirs can hardly be called healthy. We are not talking about physical violence, less visible but far more destructive effect of mental abuse, after which child it is difficult to form as personality

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I'm yours: who are the fans

Я ваша навеки: кто такие поклонники

"Mom, I like the boy. He's 55," if after this phrase you haven't fainted, then do not. know the truth about the fans and their idolsProbably not a person you would absolutely not interested in anything in this life. Each of us somehow has a bias, no matter in what area. Someone interested in technical innovations, and at the first opportunity, she runs to the store for the latest version of the smartphone, some people prefer sports: to recall sports fans

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Nanny or grandmother with whom to leave the child

Няня или бабушка: с кем оставить ребенка

Sooner or later you will need to exit from maternity leave, and child assistants. will give advice on who is a better fit for this roleAfter the baby is born you can't think about anything except his crumbs. However, the time comes and you need to get out of the decree. And here's the question: with whom to leave the child?The first thing that comes to mind is to ask to babysit the older generation, i.e. grandparents

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