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How to spend a weekend with children

Как провести выходные с детьми

Host of "Perfect weekend" and the young mother Diana Khodakovskaya know how to make so that vacation with the kids went well. consult with telediveIf you want weekends with the kids were fun and interesting activities should be planned. You also need to consider such factors as children's daily routine and diet. And, of course, to choose the right destination

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Star single fathers: stories Kirkorov, Martin City and other

Звездные отцы-одиночки: истории Киркорова, Мартина, Калягина и других

Men often prove that can be as gentle and loving parents than womenOur society has ingrained the notion that parenting is a purely female thing, and mom, taking care of the kids, hardly anyone will be surprised. Single fathers are still a rarity. Meanwhile, the representatives of the stronger sex often prove that can be as gentle and loving parents than women. History of star men, the remaining children one by one, in today's material

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5 acts, after which the child should lead to the doctor

5 поступков, после которых ребенка надо вести к врачу

Mental deviations can be noticed at an early age1. STRANGE PERSISTENT FANTASIESAll represented themselves as a Princess or a musketeer. But a healthy baby distinguishes the line between himself and the character, but if the daughter insists that she's "cat", eating only from bowls on the floor, it is a reason to go to the doctor.Fantasy or болезнь?pixabay.com2

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Adenoids: enemies or friends

Аденоиды: враги или друзья

The school year has just begun, and the kids are sitting at the hospital. And the reason is not only brought from holidays viruses, but also adenoiditis, which is a seasonal diseaseAdenoids are lymphoid tissue located behind the nose in the nasopharynx. Adenoids the body needs only in childhood, when they protect him from infections. By the age of fourteen years, they will naturally diminish and disappear. So the inflammation of the adenoids and all related issues are considered childish

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Masha Traub: "make Friends with your child is fun and joy especially for parents"

Popular novelist, author of the hit "Diary of mother of first-grader" and new "Love is a strange and without" — about how to build relationships with childrenMaria, can you tell me how to understand what the child's inclination? Do you have some tweaks or its own philosophy in this matter?Parents do not need to understand what the child is inclined. Somehow it is believed that a child is a parent application. It is possible to "pump" the desired parent programs, delete unnecessary

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School time: preparing for the new school year

Школьная пора: готовимся к новому учебному году — about the most important purchases that need to get done before September 1Although school uniform (in the usual sense) is cancelled, still there are some standards on how to look better in school line, and then in class. We have selected the lovely options — from a school collection PlayToday.CaseNot a school uniform, as they say. Scientists believe games in my spare time making our children happy

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5 tips for young mothers from grandmothers and doctors

5 советов молодым мамам от бабушек и врачей

Choose whose opinion to listenTip # 1Our parents, and we, too, swaddled in a creepy rag so that the child could not move. The view grandmothers: so baby can't hurt themselves, and his legs are straight and slender. However, do not agree with the doctors, considering this method is deprecated. They argue that without diapers the child is threatened with a club foot, on the contrary, tight tissue may lead to developmental disorders of the hips.To swaddle or нет?pixabay

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Interior excellence: what should be the working place of the student

Very soon the children will start school and of course homework. How to equip the nursery for the young student? gathered useful tipsSpace zoningIn the arrangement of furniture is the recommended zoning. Try to make a sleeping area and study area has been divided. With such arrangement, the child will be less distracted from school. Zones can be divided by a partition. But not a simple screen, but, for example, a Board on which you can draw

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Why celebrities do not recognize their children born out of wedlock and not paying child support

Почему знаменитости не признают своих внебрачных детей и не платят алименты

Leading the program "juvenile", lecturer of the law faculty of the University of Victoria Danilchenko said why in controversial cases need to go to court, not the talk showRecently, the media frequently reports that the stars of show business do not pay alimony to their illegitimate children. In these scandals was seen Vadim Kazachenko, Alexander Serov, Alexander Malinin, and many others

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How to protect your child against unemployment

Как уберечь ребенка от безработицы

Why do some families grow children who become a support for parents, and other chronic slackers? Psychologist and parapsychologist Saona knows how in the process of education to give the child a chance for a good futureEducate by exampleIf a child sees that his father and mother workers and also get pleasure from what you do, the chances of becoming unemployed it is much less than that of children growing up in families where the attitude to work as hard labor

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