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Apina and sparrows used child labour

Апина и Воробьев использовали детский труд

And if Alena on the rights of the teacher deals with pupils for a long time, Alexei himself for the first time felt in the role of a wise teacher. WomanHit found out the details. Young ballerina out of school at the Bolshoi theater worked the scene in one take. photo: materials of press-services. Alena Apina has infected pupils "Beatlemania"Four months of rehearsals and musical ready

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Designers put schoolchildren and teachers

Дизайнеры одели школьников и учителей

1 April at the fashion Week MBFWR in «Manege» took place the day school collections. Russian couturier have demonstrated their vision of the modern school uniform as for primary schools, and for teenagers. 1 April at the fashion Week MBFWR in «Manege» took place the day school collections. photo: Natalia Muslinkina Form for younger students They opened the show, the designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev, who presented two school kit for girls

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Note Thai mom: “Here the teachers themselves kicks from their subjects”

Записки тайской мамочки: “Здесь учителя сами кайфуют от своих предметов”

Olga Saprykina a little over a year ago he returned to Thailand to give birth to a son in the country of eternal summer. After the birth of the heir to the family stayed in Phuket for a couple years. One of the major questions was: which school to choose for his daughter (she is 15). As it turned out, in Thailand and that's no problem: there is a local school, and international. By starting Cambridge International School, our daughter mom confessed

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Why the children of the stars, studying abroad?

Почему дети звезд учатся за границей?

Autumn is the beginning of the school year, and after the summer holidays of schoolchildren in a hurry in classes. That's just someone to school five minutes on foot, and someone has to travel by public transport. And not on the bus or trolley, and the plane. Because many of the offspring of famous parents, studying abroad

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Irina Apeksimova sent his daughter to study in America

Ирина Апексимова отправит дочь учиться в Америку

Actress wants the girl has learned to "play in a foreign language". photo: materials of press-services.Daughter Irina Апексимовой and Valery Nikolaev noted majority. Dasha was born 18 years ago in the USA. At this time the celebrity parents were filmed in one of the Hollywood film projects

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