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Alena Kravets prepares daughter to school

WomanHit visited the singer, who told about their possessions and how she helps her daughter prepare for the first in her life, the Day of knowledge.  

Алена Кравец готовит дочь к школе

Alena Kravets with her daughter. photo Lily Шарловская

Singer, actress and beautiful woman Alena Kravets invited journalists WomanHit to his country house. On a plot of stars has everything you need for a good rest - sauna, swimming-pool, mini-Park, Playground. The singer is glad to tell us about their possessions.
Until Kravets showed territory, woke her six-year-old daughter Daniela. A little girl asked her mother to ride her bike.

Алена Кравец готовит дочь к школе

Alena Kravets loves to arrange a ride with her daughter. Photo Lily Шарловская.
«Ride with my daughter is my favorite pastime,» smiled Alena, and straddled the bike. With her went and Daniela.
It turned out that Alena daughter and try to do everything together: play the piano, to go to school, to learn. Daniela this year will go to school, and my mother was actively preparing her for this important event both in the home and through all kinds of circles.
«Of course, like any mother, I worry about how accustomed Daniela in the team. I try to have it now as much as you can communicate with their peers. Because the issue of adaptation to the new team is very acute for children aged 7-10 years. Children at this age are very vulnerable and susceptible to external criticism, and it is important to your child psychologically maintain, that he might be formed complexes communicating with classmates».
Alena is also told that they Daniela already bought almost all the school facilities.
«I decided to entrust the daughter choice of school backpack and accessories, - says the singer. - I already previously made a list of necessary purchases, but Daniela chose what she likes. I think people should be able to make and defend their choice as soon as possible. Moreover, soon mode of the day my daughter will change and she will need to decide how much time to play, and what to do. Fortunately, Daniela - sociable girl. I hope, at school, she quickly get the hang. And I will try to help her.
Kravets told that communication with my daughter on equal already has yielded results: Danya shares with her all the secrets. In turn, Alena child has no restrictions. The only singer does not like when Daniele say about who her mother.
«You mean that she doesn't know that her mother sings and plays in the movies?» - we were surprised.
«Unfortunately, knows. But we try not to emphasize that. Try not to include the program, where they tell about me. I think it is unnecessary. For her I am a mother. And I want to always remain so,» replied Alan.

Lily Шарловская



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