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As the stars are preparing children for school

Very soon the new academic year begins. In the eve of the Day of knowledge WomanHit decided to find out how to this event are prepared celebrities and which schools they send their children.

Как звезды готовят детей к школе

Irina Dubtsova and son Artem. photo: materials of press-services.

Well-known singer Irina Dubtsova this year sees her son Artyom in first class:
«I was in Volgograd, a special choice we did not have. But the school was great, I loved to learn! In Moscow the choice is huge - what schools only no... Here we chose institution for the son. Wanted and closer to home, but that level was good. Almost to the end of the summer found a great option - the linguistic school in the neighboring district, where, as it turned out, there will be even a few of his friends learn!

Как звезды готовят детей к школе

Irina Dubtsova and son Artem. Photo: materials of press-services.

And the question :«Artem! Are you ready for school?» became the most popular in the last 2 months! The son has long been waiting for school: he really wants to check what's going on, why it's all about her interview. Read and write he is already able, even confidently scribbling me sms!»

Как звезды готовят детей к школе

Roma Zhukov with the family. Photo: materials of press-services.

The popular singer Roma Zhukov my daughter goes to school to find the groom:
«For his eldest daughter Polina, which this year will go to the third grade, I chose the school in the yard of our house. I am not guided by the prestige of the institution. I have a lot of friends who transferred their children from a very expensive schools in ordinary schools, where more powerful teacher. Because the main thing is to be lucky with the teachers, then, and not have to throw 100 thousand rubles per month for an elite school. We have a good school with profound studying of English language. I think that the main thing in school is not the walls, not the colour of the plaster and mutual understanding between the teacher and the student. I went to a regular school and I can not say that it is bad! By the way, this year Polina herself earned on uniforms and exercise books. She recently attended a fashion show, where the star children had to walk the runway. After the competition she was given a certificate for 50 thousand rubles in children's clothing store. On this money it is fully Packed! Polina was glad to madness! And the other day it said that in school goes to the groom find. Says my wife, that she must wedding dress! Her very cheerful approach to learning, she thinks it is nonsense! The model shows, manicures, make-up - here, that in his head! We make it to wash off the mascara and lipstick, read and spend more time studying!»

Как звезды готовят детей к школе

Danko daughter Sofia. Photo Lily Шарловская.

Singer Danko this year daughter will go to primary school:
«My daughter Sofya this year will go to the third grade. She's studying in the gymnasium, where none of the senior classes. Children study there until the fifth grade and then they are to be transferred to other institutions. They are there, as in a kindergarten - every student has their own box, do not have to carry a heavy suitcase. Sofia is very serious about their studies, advanced engaged in various circles. From morning till night she is busy and to such a regime already got used. It is easy to find a common language with the guys, because growing in greenhouses. At the time I studied at the Moscow choreographic school of the Bolshoi theatre. We have a totally different system of education from regular secondary schools. Colossal load, lessons on various dance styles were mixed with ordinary school subjects. Learn ballet dancer's really hard! Usually in first class there were 12 persons, and were already about 2-3. Children are not withstand, but I studied till the end, I even took the Bolshoy theatre.

Как звезды готовят детей к школе

Dana Borisova daughter Polina. Photo: materials of press-services.

And TV presenter Dana Borisova gives daughter in a zero grade of the Slavonic-American school
«My daughter is 2 years attended a musical art school, which is near the house. It Polina engaged in dances, drawing and music. And this year we give it in a zero grade of the Slavonic-American school. The training paid, the costs 30 thousand rubles a month. But it is not very expensive, considering that for the kindergarten we paid about 57 thousand rubles per month! I studied in an ordinary comprehensive school with strict teachers and many technical subjects. Mathematics, physics and chemistry me very hard given. I would daughter wanted to dissociate from these items. So many years of suffering, and in the life of this knowledge I never needed».

Gertrude Жигарева


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