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The stars have sent children to school

Today, the famous parents have cancelled all morning Affairs to conduct their offspring in line, devoted to Day of knowledge. And then shared with fans holiday photos.

Звезды отправили детей в школу

Olga Orlova with his son. Photo:

This time the beginning of the school year a little bit late: 1 September fell on a Sunday and festive line in honor of the Day of knowledge had to be moved to number 2. Today celebrity parents, as well as all the others, took their children to school. And traditionally famous mom and dad shared with fans photographs of babies, with which this Monday the new academic year begins.
«Back to school...» has signed the singer Olga Orlova photo, which stands next to the son Artem. Mother and son are holding flowers intended, probably, to teachers boy. Fans of the artist congratulated the boy with the beginning of the school year and marked originality of bouquets.

Звезды отправили детей в школу

Sasha Zvereva with children and Dmitry Алмазовым. Photo:

Singer Sasha Zvereva sent to school daughter Vasilisa and son Makar. On the eve of the actress admitted that she forgot to buy flowers teachers and asked friends-florists urgently to help her. Apparently, the call Zvereva was heard, because the photo and Vasilisa and Makar in the hands flaunt neat and small bunches.
«We are waiting for this day)) We are very happy! Noticeable?» - Sasha wrote in his microblog. It is noteworthy that the picture next to the singer posing with her ex-husband Dmitry Diamonds, which threw Zverev in may this year. Perhaps the ex-wife still reconciled?

Звезды отправили детей в школу

Stas kostushkin with his wife and son. Photo:

But in the family Stas Костюшкина all is well. The singer has published today a photo with his wife and son Bogdan.
«Good morning, are the best!!! With the holiday», - has signed a snapshot of an artist.

Звезды отправили детей в школу

Oleg Gazmanov with his daughter. Photo:

Oleg Gazmanov shared with fans festive photo that accompanies a school daughter, Marianna.
«In school for knowledge», - commented on the photo of the singer. «Success and good grades!!!Cool when there is a strong and happy family!» - immediately responded followers Gazmanov. Others noted that girl is very similar to the father.

Звезды отправили детей в школу

His daughter Anastasia Volochkova Ariadne with his grandmother. Photo:

But not all stars could take their child to the school in person. For example, Anastasia Volochkova has entrusted this important mission to his mother. Nevertheless, photo Ariadne grandmother ballerina yet published a sign: «My most beloved». Itself Volochkova is now abroad, than has caused a wave of criticism. Fans dancer resented the fact that their favorite managed to come to conduct daughter to school on their own.


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