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Why the children of the stars, studying abroad?

Autumn is the beginning of the school year, and after the summer holidays of schoolchildren in a hurry in classes. That's just someone to school five minutes on foot, and someone has to travel by public transport. And not on the bus or trolley, and the plane. Because many of the offspring of famous parents, studying abroad. What is being taught in a foreign land and all star kids are ready to withstand private schools for the rich?

Почему дети звезд учатся за границей?

Valery with daughter Anna and her husband Joseph Prigozhin. photo: materials of press-services.

We all learned a little somewhere and somehow», perhaps sounded words of Alexander Pushkin, if he wrote the poem «Eugene Onegin» today. Now it became fashionable to go for knowledge abroad. It is expensive, prestigious, but whether always justified? We decided to study this question, and along the way discovered where one puts learn their heirs celebrities and how much they spend on their education.
By the way, many psychologists are against learning, so remote from the house. They explain it simply. Earlier in boarding schools mainly studied noble children in families, which was adopted by the «remote» communication. Almost from birth, the child was transmitted on hands нянькам, and parents rarely applied in a children's room visits. Under this system of education separation from my relatives was not a stressful situation for the student, addressed at the Board. In our time it is different. We do all their little ones, and if the child is close with my father and mother, for his departure at school may become a serious psychological problem. Although all celebrities have time to personally bring up their child?


Fogged Альбионом

The most popular educational institutions in England. There send their children most of the foreigners from all over the world. Where did this desire to study in the UK? The answer to this question can be found in history. The most known schools were opened here in the sixteenth century, persons of Royal blood for young representatives of the upper class. And one of the most famous schools - Eton was founded by Henry VI in 1440, for seventy talented young men, who could in the future bring benefit to the state. As a tribute to the past at Eton still free are trained seventy «very reasonable» the English, regardless of their social status and wealth. The centuries-old history of Eton and similar educational institutions could not leave indifferent the aristocracy of the countries where such schools had not yet existed. From here also there was the glory of English education. In Eton still follow the traditions of the Holy. Up to the fact that (as written Western journalists) on the beds pupils mattresses, which are more than a hundred years. But Eton, the Covenant is an oasis for many parents from the USA, Asia and Europe, has not yet been «окучен» Russian celebrities. What is the reason? First, it is not easy to do - for the admissions Committee has meaning only the personality of the future disciple, not the wallet of its parent. If a guy (and study at Eton boys only) does not pass the tests for intelligence or teachers are not satisfied with the psychological portrait of a potential школяра, he nothing shines, even if his father is willing to give the school a million pounds. Secondly, there is a strict discipline. Mediocre, and even more bad marks here not tolerate. Not wasting your time - goodbye. As for Smoking, drink or an act of hooliganism guilty sent home. Although such an approach prevails in almost all private schools of the Foggy Albion.

Почему дети звезд учатся за границей?

Son Pier Brosna-on, Sean, was expelled from Милфилда contrary to the requests of the father. Photo: Camera Press/

So, from a College Милфилд was expelled son pierce Brosnan (James bond) Sean. The young man beating his classmate. About discipline recalled in his interview and son Oleg Gazmanov Rodion, who studied in school in Sussex: «the living Conditions were Spartan. And all free from classes time, there was employed as earlier in the Soviet Union, when these functions were carried out by young pioneers. Existed and system tobacco - confiscation of pocket money and transfer them to the Fund cancer prevention. Not to mention the fact that we were sent to talk to the Director and called my parents.» Those who are older, smile - this is similar to what happened in Soviet schools.
But many strict training to their liking. Valery Meladze for this reason, sent to study in the United Kingdom his daughter Inga. The father did not like the form in which the girl went to school. According to the artist, a pupil must look modest, not wearing makeup and not wear mini-skirts.

Почему дети звезд учатся за границей?

Valery Meladze did not like that in Moscow his daughter Inga dyed and wore a mini skirt. He decided that the English discipline will benefit. Photo Lily Шарловская.
But sometimes abroad seek to star suckers. Study in Britain wanted his daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. She was thirteen years old when she left home. My mother was hard to make that decision. Calmed one - Anya will be able to get a good education. In the UK trained and daughter Larisa Dolina angelina - first school Gloucestershire, and then College in Sussex. Returning home, she entered the Moscow Institute of Economics. But worth receive a certificate in England, if among the students of this University most of the graduates of the Russian schools?
The daughter of Alexander and Ekaterina Стриженовых went to London only to not be «in the public eye». Anyway, this explanation was previously published in the media. Girl worried about what her as a child famous parents riveted attention.

Почему дети звезд учатся за границей?

Spartan conditions in the British pension liking Rodion Газманову. Rodion Gazmanov. Photo:
But is it all safely in the British educational institutions? One can argue about its subject, but we should not forget about those scandals periodically leak into the press and in the Internet. For example, how, in one of the prestigious private schools fourteen-year-old schoolgirl died, falling from the roof in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, and the other girl under the influence of drugs cut open their veins. Also in the world wide web you can find an article about a criminal proceedings against one of the teachers, who sustained weakness in young students and engaged in their sexual learning-by-doing. Appeared in Newspapers and revelations graduates who complained about the atmosphere in the English boarding schools hazing. British schools are not perfect. Perhaps, therefore, one of the granddaughters of Queen Elizabeth the Second Princess Beatrice studied at the Swiss school Aiglon College?


Alpine tenderness

It happens that parents send their child abroad in the hope that thanks to foreign teachers it will improve performance. So, Artemia, the son of singer Valeria, not once had a problem in Moscow schools because of bad behaviour and unwillingness to learn. Then the actress and her husband producer Iosif Prigozhin decided to send the boy abroad, hoping that he would be alright. Selected for the boy Swiss school. Gradually, the teenager came to himself and eagerly took up the study. My mother was amazed how he aspires to knowledge. Once when Artemiy fever and Valery decided to leave his home, he stated that he would not miss lessons, and went to class. Rumor has it that the education of the son was the singer in a hundred thousand dollars a year. At a certain stage of the school вознамерилось raise the cost of education, despite the fact that the agreement was clearly defined by a fixed amount for the whole period. Then Prigogine, complaining to the press, has promised to go to European lawyers to challenge the illegal requirements. Producer complained then that the approach of «don't want to pay a stay without our diploma» is familiar to him by Russian educational institutions. But from the Europeans he did not expect a breach of contract. Unknown, did you have to overpay for the singer and her spouse in excess of on-sum, but Artemy graduated from high school and continued his studies at the University of Geneva.

Почему дети звезд учатся за границей?

For the sake of studying in the UK Anya Zavorotnyuk thirteen separated from her mother Anastasia. Photo: Avramenko, Gennady.
But in the Swiss Penaty not as rosy. 's daughter the same Valerie Anne began to learn science in Switzerland. But soon the girl brought out, because, as written then in the press, part of the teachers in this hostel were lesbians. And Anya identified in a private school UK, but the level of education, suggested there was not satisfied with Valery, and she decided that the child is better to study in Moscow.
And the daughter of the singer Glory of Alexander asked my mother to send her to study in Switzerland. At first she was against it, and could not imagine how you can part with his daughter. But gradually the little Sasha managed to convince parents to realize her dream in life.


Почему дети звезд учатся за границей?

Singer Slava yielded to the requests of Sasha and sent her daughter to study in Switzerland. Photo Lily Шарловская.

Don't be a fool, America!

Education in schools USA choose mainly Russians, whose children spend most of time in this country. So, thirteen-year-old daughter Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin Lisa lives with his grandparents in Miami and there is learning. One day her dad was summoned to the school: teacher wanted to draw the attention of the father that adolescents have the ability to literature, and advised to develop the talent of the girls.
But in the higher educational institutions of the USA, where specialists of creative professions, many seek to star kids. So, Kristina Orbakaite pays fifty thousand dollars a year for training son Nikita at new York film Academy.
By the way, most of Hollywood artists prefer to send their children to ordinary schools, choosing them according to the principle - closer to home. As said in an interview Arnold Schwarzenegger: «I would like my children to be communicated in the school with the children, whose parents do not belong to the high society. They need to understand: here at the school are all the same, and who better shows the status of parents in society and a Bank account, and knowledge of the student. Then they come out of school worthy members of society and can do anything. Even policies. To serve his country, one must know his people, and not have a vague idea about it on the reports of analysts». It seems like this principle is followed, and Dustin Hoffman, al Pacino, and other actors. Brad pitt with Angelina Jolie picked now to children school closer to home, and, judging by the educational institutions they visited, they are not interested in prestige and quality of training programmes.

Почему дети звезд учатся за границей?

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie choose a school for their children, not paying attention to its prestige and status. Photo: Rex Features/
Although there are parents who choose to send their children to eminent educational institutions. Did Tom cruise and Katie Holmes. A year ago their daughter Suri went to a monastery school Sacred Heart, which costs about forty thousand a year. It was there that got the certificates Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga, though, given the scandalous behavior of these ladies, hardly teachers can be proud of his pupils.
Sure, every school - even well-known and prestigious is not only achievements but also failures. And the child, who is a long time away from the parents, is a serious cause for concern on their part.
Then why in our country there was a fashion foreign education and many celebrities prefer to send their кровиночек for knowledge in other countries? First, the «crust» of foreign universities more are quoted in the us and Europe that will allow the graduate to obtain in the future good working place in large companies not only in Russia but in the West. And agree that the ability to open their own business and succeed better teach all the same in those countries where the concept of «business» not so young, as we have in Russia. And secondly, the family budget most of the stars can afford such expenditure, despite the fact that the amounts there appear not small. Not the last role plays and the desire to protect the child from leisurely press attention and increased interest from teachers and classmates. In addition, in the period of reforming the national education system, it is very difficult to choose for their child a good school. That accounts for the rich and famous to part with their offspring during the semester and meet them only on a vacation.

Alexander Egorov


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