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Note Thai mom: “Russian school diploma at a British school no one is interested in”

Olga Saprykina a little over a year ago he returned to Thailand to give birth to a son in the country of eternal summer. After the birth of the heir to the family stayed in Phuket for a couple years. One of the major questions was: which school to choose for his daughter (she has 15 years). As it turned out, in Thailand and there are no problems there.

Записки тайской мамочки: “Российский аттестат в британской школе никого не заинтересовал”

Sometimes senior students help younger. Our daughter convincing in the role of mentor.

Where to study? - the question is not idle. It is clear that we went to Thailand for sea, sun and tasty meal. But my daughter is something you need to get a normal education. Well, actually this serious issue is easily solved - the main thing, would be money. Because in Phuket is the huge number of schools. Only Thai (even for foreigners are very cheap), is bilingual (English, but the Thai compulsory), international (UK or us, to learn here can be expensive), and even the Russians have whether it is healthy).
Personally we school for my daughter chose before moving to Thailand. Totally unpatriotic stopped on the course which is issued Cambridge international certificate of secondary education (Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education - IGCSE). With this certificate, and you can do almost all universities in the UK and in many higher education institutions in the US, Canada and Australia. Tuition is about $ 12,000 a year. Not a penny, of course, but in comparison with the similar schools in Moscow still cheap.

Записки тайской мамочки: “Российский аттестат в британской школе никого не заинтересовал”

In free from study time to be bored too, do not have. On the photo: the trip by kayak, our daughter is in the foreground.
However, when we arrived in Phuket, then decided to give her daughter the time to adapt to new conditions and to tighten English (thanks language schools and personally Paul Himself from Australia!) So a whole year she was homeschooled, and in may, flew to Moscow in order to undergo certification. Don't want to hurt our native teachers of the Moscow school (they are responsible attitude to student, a year nagged granite of science alone), but estimates in the Russian passport here in the British school, nobody was interesting. Before you can be accepted in the Cambridge International School, daughter passed their entrance exams. And that's solely on their results and rely local teachers, when you accept or not accept students in the school. More precisely, here take almost all, but that's what class is determined newcomers - the big question. So now, along with her daughter in her tenth class I and fifteen-year-old canadian, and seventeen-year-old Frenchwoman. All depends primarily on the level of English.

Записки тайской мамочки: “Российский аттестат в британской школе никого не заинтересовал”

Extracurricular cooking and eating pancakes during local Shrovetide.
Personally, I think that learning English is a problem. Here and in Russian-that not all subjects understandable, and then overseas. However daughter after just a couple of weeks, we were startled by their recognition...

Previous history of Olga is here, and it all started here.

Olga Saprykina


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