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Note Thai mom: “Here the teachers themselves kicks from their subjects”

Olga Saprykina a little over a year ago he returned to Thailand to give birth to a son in the country of eternal summer. After the birth of the heir to the family stayed in Phuket for a couple years. One of the major questions was: which school to choose for his daughter (she is 15). As it turned out, in Thailand and that's no problem: there is a local school, and international. By starting Cambridge International School, our daughter mom confessed.

Записки тайской мамочки: “Здесь учителя сами кайфуют от своих предметов”

Every teacher in Cambridge International School is in love with his subject and trying to pass this love to his disciples.

When in Moscow I heard many of our friends every day help their offspring with homework was genuinely puzzled: what they, their children, they can't solve puzzles? Our daughter somehow independently cope with his studies, and in her case school we didn't penetrate.
The upcoming study in Cambridge International School Phuket, of course, scarecrows: if in Moscow daughter stayed with homework until late at night, what to expect here, where she would have to learn a foreign language? However, after just a couple of weeks in a local school, she was intimidated us recognition: “Mom, dad, now I finally understand the chemistry. And this turns out to be an interesting subject! And I ceased to frighten physics, geometry and geography”.

Записки тайской мамочки: “Здесь учителя сами кайфуют от своих предметов”

Our daughter (top row, center) permanently ranks among the best students of the school.
Oh, and we think that the daughter, with its excellent marks in school, have no problem! But only here in Thailand, daughter told that almost all subjects in Moscow just memorized, not really delving into the essence. And only here before much is opened in a different light.
The reason, I think, that local teachers (at least in our particular school) I love every subject. And sincerely try to do so that the disciples fell in love with these formulas, equations, etc. Even homework assignments are not only solve problems, but some reports, presentations, performances. Daughter evening draws some colorful posters, video, manufactures an entire installation. And I see that she really love to learn. So let us not be offended by our Russian teacher (we all love very much, honestly!) but in local British school all really different from the Russian one.

Записки тайской мамочки: “Здесь учителя сами кайфуют от своих предметов”

The daughter says that study in the British school is not only fun, but also tasty.
Yes, and a little bragging finally: every month in our British school choose the best students. So, our Alexandra always gets in the list of most-most. Oh, and let's hope that Stefan will be equally talented. At least we picked him an excellent school where accept the past 18 months. To wait remained not for long, because we are going to celebrate his first birthday: our son is a year!

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Olga Saprykina


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