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Apina and sparrows used child labour

And if Alena on the rights of the teacher deals with pupils for a long time, Alexei himself for the first time felt in the role of a wise teacher. WomanHit found out the details.

Апина и Воробьев использовали детский труд

Young ballerina out of school at the Bolshoi theater worked the scene in one take. photo: materials of press-services.

Alena Apina has infected pupils "Beatlemania"

Four months of rehearsals and musical ready. Alena Apina has long teaches music in the Odintsovo school, where he studied her daughter, however, in musical montage, Yes even in English, the singer and her disciples ventured for the first time. "The idea came to me spontaneously, " said Alain. I don't planned great event in his life. Just children, which I read a course of lectures on the history of music, I was tortured in order to do something creative group "the Beatles". I introduced them to this group, and it made them a lasting impression. After sitting and thinking, I decided that the best, perhaps, to invent a musical. They came up with. This scenario: what if her mind was the idea to put a musical? Where to go and how to fight it?"

Апина и Воробьев использовали детский труд

Alena Apina has long teaches music in the Odintsovo school, where he studied her daughter. Photo: Vladimir Chistyakov.
- The musical is one of the main roles played by your daughter. Why she had chosen role prima ballerina?
My daughter dropped their music and theatre in the Studio because her interests shifted artistic gymnastics. She is interested in nothing but this. And only when I said that the musical is a role with elements of artistic gymnastics, she agreed. She plays there'll accept that came to casting, where sings the song Can't Buy Me Love and dancing.

Апина и Воробьев использовали детский труд

In the course of musical history Alena introduced my students with the music of The Beatles. Hits of the fab four had on the students a lasting impression. Photo: materials of press-services.
- You will show your new musical creation?
"We very much regret that I did not know about the high number of children's competitions and festivals. We did not manage to get in the application. We only had time for the festival of children's theatrical productions. As a musical in English, we even received offers to go abroad, for example in Spain, in Germany. But there is another problem. Because we do not have a professional theatre, the children all their plans for the summer. All simply does not gather. But even the very existence of such proposals is happy and well worth it. That English is freedom, children understood by their example.


Апина и Воробьев использовали детский труд

Alexei and his fiancee in his youth he played participants of the project "Russian Friends" Nastya Noble and Pavel Korolev. Photo: materials of press-services.

Aleksey Vorobyov remembered school novel

Singer and actor likes to do several things simultaneously. This time, arriving a few days to take in the "Catherine the great" and "Devchonka", he went on the shooting area as directed. Alexey made a video clip for the song "I will Always be with you." "We shot the history of the first school of love, which continued to be the love of your life, " - says Alexey, - it is of such a perfect love, I guess we all dream in school. But very few people manage to carry it through the years. The viewer will first see my heroes disciples, as is often the case, not the most popular in the class, and then meet with them for ten years, during which much has changed, and only the love remains the same". Lesha and his fiancee in his youth he played participants of the project "Russian Friends" - 13-year-old Nastya Noble and 16-year-old Pasha Korolev. And Alex himself and actress Kate Savchuk will appear before the audience in the role of a fully-grown heroes. By the way, the clip was filmed and best friend Vorobyova - his faithful dog Elvis Elvis, but he remained in America, and its role had to invite an alternate.

Ulyana Kalashnikov


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