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Children of the stars?

Где учатся дети звезд?

First of June - children's Day. They all belong to this holiday in different ways, as to ways of protecting our loved children. Someone carefully selects the offspring of social circle, someone fills up the gifts and sweets, and some prefer to take heirs away and give them an education abroad

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His daughter Anastasia Volochkova was первоклассницей

Дочь Анастасии Волочковой стала первоклассницей

Yesterday in the life of a popular artist was a significant event: for the first time in school her six-year-old daughter Ariadna. Escort первоклашку went the whole family: Anastasia, her mother, Tamara Vladimirovna and the ex-spouse Igor Vdovin. On a school girl ruler had the honor to give the first call; in addition, Arisha for all participants read poems and sang the song

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How to help your child with homework?

Как помочь ребенку с уроками?

Unfortunately, not all kids are quick to grasp stretch to study and happy to attain hitherto unknown to them Sciences. Let's try to understand what needs to be done so that the educational process your baby was not a burden, but delivered him and you joy

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