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How to be a friend to your child

Как стать другом своему ребенку

The problem of misunderstanding between the generations often prevents parents and children to connect. Clinical psychologist Marianne Abravitova shares the secrets of good relationships in the family2-4 years: do not disturb the baby to playAt the age of 2-4 years children have secrets of a subjective nature. Most often it is manifested at the time of the game. The game is a field in which occurs their own world. So the child doesn't want to penetrate someone else, even his parents

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3 rules cozy beds

3 правила уютной кроватки

Peaceful sleep of a child is the key to its healthRule # 1The bed is a "house" for the baby, it is associated with the womb of mom. So give the house a comfortable place to cradle. A child grows — growing bed.The bed grows with малышомpixabay.comRule # 2Have you noticed that the child often is tied to one soft toy and carries it everywhere with him. The same happens with a favorite blanket that associate the baby with some protection from the bad things

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An optimist by inheritance: how to raise resilient children

Оптимист по наследству: как воспитать жизнерадостных детей listened to the expert opinion of the psychologist and writer Olga Romaniv about what should be done to parents that their kids have grown positive and exuded happinessYour attitude to life is passed to the babyYou can often hear that young mothers are recommended as less nervous, especially if their child is breastfed. In the age of months the child conveys the emotions through the senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell

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5 reasons to start a writing pen

5 причин начать писать ручкой

It's time to push the keyboard aside, otherwise you will lose important skillsWe are able to type messages in the phone, on the move, without taking your eyes off the road. From an early age printable ten fingers blind method. Thoughts recorded on tape, and the number is dialed by voice, and only the usual handle, we really have forgotten how to write. According to scientists, it threatens us with loss of important skills

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5 tips to outsmart a stubborn child

5 советов, как перехитрить упрямого ребенка

Experienced parents share their experienceTip # 1If your baby is stubborn and doesn't want to go anywhere, for example, to the doctor, then switch roles with him. Encourage your child to take you. I can even capricious and rests.Let the child take васpixabay.comTip # 2All children are naughty and do something bad. Punishment is necessary, but how to implement it? Play with him in court, putting it ahead of choice. Or stand in a corner or correct the offense

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What are your Hobbies star children

Чем увлекаются звездные дети

They live in beautiful houses and apartments, wear fashionable clothes, have a great opportunity and now want to get from life much. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the descendants of known parents very busy schedule...Lisa and Harry Pugacheva GalkinThe twins Harry and Lisa four years, so they only begin to show their talents. It is known that the kids swim in the pool, gymnastics and French. They already know how to count, including French

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Mom, check it out, but trust

Мама, проверяй, но доверяй

Of what, of what, what made our... products?In childhood many of us dreamed to get to the factories. Solve the mysteries: how milk gets into the package, why the toffee sticks to the paper, and drinks bubble and foam. When was the age of the "whyers" and we grew up — questions remained the same. I have been many fears. Suddenly in the products of dangerous chemicals. What to do? When children are born, many parents become a walking encyclopedia on medicine with a bunch of prejudices

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Blogger from the USA shocked the photo immediately after birth

The new mother showed how it actually looks like the female body during this periodDiscussing the controversial photo, which was published by The American blogger Unmumsy Mum. Becoming a mother, she decided to shoot almost immediately after birth — in the adult diaper and stomach. In the caption to the picture blogger apologies if someone saw this post during Breakfast, and added that at the time of publication of the frame was euphoric. "I can't tell you how much we laughed

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The heirs direct: the best means for your kids

Наследники по прямой: лучшие средства для ваших детей — about the most necessary updates that will help better care for kidsLepidospartum LIPIKAR emollient oil for bath and shower from LA ROCHE-POSAYPhoto: materials of press-servicesIn the winter our skin is put to severe tests with cold, gusty winds and temperature drops. And infants and children suffer no less than adults. As a result the skin becomes irritated, scaly, acquires excessive dryness

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The advice of a gastroenterologist: what to feed a child with diarrhea

First eliminate foods with laxative or cholagogue actionTo help child's body to recover, doctors recommend to stick to the following diet.In the first half of the day after the start disorders give your baby only water and absorbent products. Later feed him boiled rice without butter (100 gr). If the child does not want to eat, do not force. His body will know when it's time to eat.Gradually in the diet include boiled potatoes and bananas

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