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What the stars teach your children?

In honor of children's Day find out what advice their offspring give celebrity

Prince William:

"I think the most important for their children to maintain contact with reality. I will try to convey to them that, despite the fact that they live in the Palace, you always have to go beyond it and learn about what is happening in the real world".

Kate Winslet:

"I want my children to grow up confident in themselves. I myself as a child never heard positive words about the human body. One negative. Thats why now, standing in front of a mirror with his eldest daughter MIA, I never tire of repeating: "We're so lucky that we have a shape and roundness. We are very lucky that we're such a sexy person".

Emily Blunt:

"There are many books with practical tips on parenting. "How to grow a musical genius?", "How to make a child a scientist?", "Wunderkind from the cradle"... I believe that all of this nonsense! I've never read and not going. I want my daughter to grow and develop itself, and then she will decide whom she wants to be."

Victoria Beckham:

Чему звезды учат своих детей?

Victoria Beckham with semaforo:

"We need to teach girls not to be afraid to reach forward and up to his dream. Confront outdated foundations, that peace should rule men. I hope to be able to teach her daughter to achieve everything in life."

Angelina Jolie:

"I believe those who try to dazzle child someone against his will, poor parents. I think it's important to allow children to be themselves, to teach them to make decisions and be responsible for them."

Kate Hudson:

"My parents allowed my brother to make mistakes, not strongly condemning them. Taught to feel confidence in their actions. They gave us freedom of action. All this I try to teach my children."

Чему звезды учат своих детей?

Kate Hudson, delimitato:

Stella McCartney:

"I try to teach children to strive for more, to teach them what they are capable of much and many can achieve. Each of us has potential, you just need to not be lazy to reveal it".

Tom Cruise:

"I have always moved the children to creativity and self-expression. They can dress how they want, they try some things. I think autonomy will help them to decide who they want to be in life."

Чему звезды учат своих детей?

Jada Pinkett Smith, semaforo:

Jada Pinkett Smith:

"I want my children to be happy, to smile, to feel good. When the child is happy with themselves and the world around him, parents do not worry".

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