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Motherhood as a reason for the development of

Contrary to popular belief, the intelligence of women is not decreasing after birth and may grow significantly

Let's start with the fact that the appearance of the child, especially the first — is stressful for women. To learn how to care for the baby, choose the right things for him, toys to grasp the rules of complementary foods, requires enormous mental effort.

Besides, the child is a person with whom it is impossible to plan anything. You might want to go for a walk, but the baby got cranky and refused to get dressed. Or you wanted to put the baby to sleep, and he decided to COO all the quiet hours of the night. Stress resistance in maternity leave is developing much more actively than at work.

Even if you whole life was quieter water below the grass and did not like to take responsibility for solving problems, becoming a mother, you can not get away. First you have to determine what changes in the condition of a son or daughter require a call to the doctor, and which they themselves pass. Then you will have to choose a kindergarten, school, Tutors. Indecision places will not.

Despite the fact that conversations on professional issues in your life will be less, you will become a guru of persuasion. To persuade year-old child to eat a pumpkin puree — it's aerobatics.

And of course, your emotional intelligence will reach unprecedented heights. You'll be prozvuk to understand that you need your baby, while dad and grandma before to guess what it requires, would have tried a lot of options.

Thus, maternity is a time of development of women in a variety of ways. Yes, for their success you will not get a new position or higher wages, but with the right approach will gain traits that will help you be a great mom, and after returning to work — a successful specialist.


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