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5 tips for parents from kids

We do spoil them, and then cry

Tip # 1.

Sometimes the children themselves are asked to limit them in any way. But, really, pulling the baby with toys, we cover his childhood, and he don't need it. The baby just distracting, he can't concentrate on one thing. And then we complain to girlfriends: he's destroying everything, she has no favorite doll.

Tip # 2.

Talk with your child as with an adult. It is the same full member of the family. Your attempts to protect him from financial or social problems will lead to misunderstandings in the future. If you 5 years to buy him what he wants, then in 10 he just doesn't understand the refusal to the next whim.

Tip # 3.

Bad habits are easier to shield from than to eradicate them later. And example of parents, the case is contagious. It is impossible for the baby to drink, smoke and swear — he takes it for the norm of behavior.

Tip # 4.

Respect the opinion of the child. At least in that part which concerns him. You can be strange and unpleasant his cries and tears, but they often arise due to the discomfort of the baby, and not from bad character. Listen to the "whims" of his child.

Tip # 5.

A small child is the same person as you, not a doll, "which still doesn't get it". Don't insult or humiliate him, discussing all his faults with friends. He'll remember this.


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