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Pregnancy calendar — benefits and features

To monitor the progress of pregnancy should not only doctors, but also the future mother herself

During the entire pregnancy calendar pregnancy will help to adjust the expectant mother the diet of its food, stick to healthy and proper lifestyle and to be sure that the fruit is developing exactly as it should and not to worry without a good reason.

Most convenient to do pregnancy calendar by weeks. It can even facilitate the doctor's supervision over a condition of expectant mothers.Week No. 1

X-ray is not recommended until the birth itself and the postpartum period. By the way, in the first weeks of pregnancy you should reconsider your diet.

In the second week of pregnancy, ovulation occurs, and immediately afterwards begins the development of the baby. Yet it is just the size of a small cell called a zygote.

In the third week is the division of cells, and in this period there is a possibility to conceive twins or triplets.

On the fifth week, the women usually find out about pregnancy because menstrual cycle has not come. Test bought at the pharmacy, can show accurate result.

On the sixth week is the time to go to either a gynecologist. In the body this period starts hormonal reset. the body is rebuilt, which can be not too pleasant feeling, such as dizziness, drowsiness, nausea.

At the eighth week is the time to be on the account of pregnancy. Due to the fact that the uterus is growing to accommodate the growing size of the fetus can be painful, but they are for a while. At the fifteenth week the baby is gaining weight up to 60 grams.

In the second trimester the expectant mother does not suffer from morning sickness, although there may be weakness and drowsiness. At 16 weeks you can already feel the stirring of the child.

38 week childbirth can begin in any minute. Mom needs to learn how consciously to relax and mentally prepare for childbirth.

A pregnancy calendar will not only be a helper for the young mother, but also her diary of memories, because this is a very important period of my life — awaiting the birth of their baby.

In the network become a popular interactive calendars pregnancy where moms online to share their methods of preparation, tips and experience.

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