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5 tips on how to share personal space with a baby

It's not selfish — mother is also a man

While I was little, my mom didn't work and spent all her time with me. As a child, I was spoiled and capricious. And again, that the Pope, who demanded a dinner, companionship, love and affection. At some point the mother became ill, called an ambulance. The doctor said that if you don't leave her alone, she'll die. I was taken to my grandmother and mother slept for three days, she had a breakdown.

Now my girlfriend through the day "crying shoulder" that nothing has been done, because all her time is taken up son. And she is well aware that the child is not guilty, but angry with him. We imperceptibly become slaves of their children, forgetting that the mother also need personal space.

Tip # 1

If you decided the first time to sleep together with the child, because it's more convenient to feed him, make him after all a separate bed where he will sleep during the day. Otherwise, you risk to reduce an intimate relationship with a spouse to zero.

5 советов, как разделить личное пространство с ребенком

The baby should have its own кровать

Tip # 2

It is wonderful when a child learns enough and everything that he is interested. You can let him play with pots, but strictly limit access to knives and chemistry. You just can't.

5 советов, как разделить личное пространство с ребенком

Water in the face helps истерике

Tip # 3

Learn themselves to respect the personal space of the child. The Scarecrow that he made from clay, it is not necessary to crumple and throw it a Doodle. They can mean a lot to your kid. For order in the room or area he needs to answer himself — do not throw away anything without asking.

5 советов, как разделить личное пространство с ребенком

Mom can be your интересы

Tip # 4

Mom should be the time, work, and good conversation with a friend. Therefore, the baby need to clearly explain that you cannot be distracted at this moment. Find him busy at this time, for example, paint a picture or watch a cartoon.

5 советов, как разделить личное пространство с ребенком

You should not indulge капризам

Tip # 5

Everyone has their own toys. Even if you think that doll is ugly, but her daughter wants, she has the right to their opinion. You also have the right to the inviolability of its makeup, and the father his tablet.


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