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6 tips on how to cope with wounds and bruises in a child

Mom needs to be ready for anything

In the summer the baby more opportunities to run and play outside. His hands and feet are almost always open, and therefore, abrasions and bruises on them to avoid possible. They should not be afraid, and should just be able to give first aid to your child. as the prompt.


Who of us in childhood did not beat swing? Or fled, fell, hit his is a frequent and regular trauma to the child. The baby is crying, mom is on the verge of tears from confusion, but it's not the right decision. Berms in the hands of himself and the ice. You need to apply something cold to the bruised places. The faster you do, the better. Will fit a bottle of water, ice cream, a package of any frozen products. Pain immediately pass, and the bruise will be less.

6 советов, как справиться с ранами и ссадинами у ребенка

Pity плаксу

Broken nose

The children were playing ball, and someone managed to catch him? It happens. Will help the same ice. Wrap it in a handkerchief and put it on the nose. The bleeding quickly stops. Let the child a little lean forward, but to hold your head back in this case. Blood can leak through the back wall of the larynx and induce vomiting.


Broken blood knees not a tragedy. All fall down roller skating or bike riding, most importantly the wound properly and on time to handle it, so without a scar. First, wash any sand and dirt under running water. It's painful, but necessary. Well if you have on hand hydrogen peroxide. To abrasion festers, treat the edges with brilliant green or iodine. The actual wound can be covered with soap or the more modern powders. Apply a sterile bandage or plaster bactericidal.

6 советов, как справиться с ранами и ссадинами у ребенка

Kids fall on level месте


If the child fell from the tree, and it is the most comfortable place in the entire house, have to act according to circumstances. Bruises and abrasions — see above, but if the injury is more serious, there is suspicion of a fracture, it is necessary to consult specialists. For starters, fix the injured limb with the tires. This may be any plate, for example, a ruler and take the kid to the doctor. Children's bones are very fragile, but they quickly coalesce.

If the child fell from a height on back, it is in any case can not be touched. Immediately call 112.


A sunburn or the result of an attempt to bake potatoes in the fire — first aid is the same. The sore spot should be washed with cold water, it will relieve the pain and swelling. Apply the wound gel for burns and close it with a sterile bandage. Any oil — forget about grandma's advice.

6 советов, как справиться с ранами и ссадинами у ребенка

Protect baby from the sun ожогов


Mosquitoes, wasps, bees and other midges in the summer bring a lot of trouble for both children and adults. In this case it is nice to have the house vodka, which immediately it is recommended to lubricate the bite. It will be less itchy. Then sprinkle it with baking soda, the irritation and itching will be even faster.

However, if the child has allergies, you still need to take him to a doctor or taking an antihistamine that helps him. If a child bitten by a cat, a dog, a Fox, hedgehog or other animal — immediately to the hospital. The animal may be sick with rabies or other infection. Before that, the wound should be washed under running water and treated with iodine.


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