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5 things that bring harm

Not always the producers I consult with doctors

When the family appears kid, parents are willing last penny to spend to buy him the best and need. Alas, this is often used by unscrupulous manufacturers in pursuit of only their own benefit. learned from doctors that some of the things for children do more harm than good.

Walkers and jumpers

This would seem a useful thing that a baby learns to take the first steps lead to uneven muscle strengthening, deformation of the legs and feet, and just hurting. In the US, they have recorded eight thousand a year! And in Canada, these devices are simply banned.

5 вещей, которые приносят ребенку вред

Walker invented a few centuries назад

They cause curvature of the spine due to a large load, and the kids he's still not fully developed, preventing the development of independent motor skills and is not able to develop the senses of balance and self-preservation.

Fruit juices and purees

One of the first lures that gives the mother the baby becomes a fruit juice. But pasteurized industrial products contain a few vitamins, but large amounts of sugar. This leads to dental problems and obesity.

5 вещей, которые приносят ребенку вред

Industrial juice is not useful even взрослым

Don't be lazy, RUB the Apple on the grater themselves. Vegetables and fruit should be green.


From early childhood we are fed fresh milk from under the cow, believing that this child will grow up strong and healthy. And here and there. Whole cow's milk contains little iron and many more nutrients than the baby needs. It is an extra burden on the kidneys, in addition, milk can cause the development of anemia, allergies, and dysbiosis.

5 вещей, которые приносят ребенку вред

Cow's milk is heavy продукт

Bright toys

Easier than a toy, so it is better for the baby. He hasn't developed enough attention to remember a large number of bright details. And it is through play he learns. So choose the things from natural materials, calm colors, priblijennyh to real life.

5 вещей, которые приносят ребенку вред

Toys should be простыми

All this screaming, screeching, acid colors, not like anything in the trash. They inhibit children's development of creative thinking and negatively affect the formation of personality.

Warm clothes

We somehow always think that the baby feel cold and catch a cold from this. Therefore, mothers and grandmothers, even in summer wear kid's wool suit and wrapped in a duvet. However, the smaller the child, the worse he developed thermoregulation, so it cools faster and overheat.

5 вещей, которые приносят ребенку вред

A lot of warm clothes will not go to пользу

If your baby cries for no reason, maybe he's a psychotic from overheating or heat stroke? The extra wrap just leads to colds. The body cannot develop immunity.

The clothes should be from natural fabrics, and it can be just one layer more than you.


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