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Signs of a good father

Choosing a husband, you should pay attention to the paternal qualities of the chosen one

Despite the fact that the phenomenon of child-free is already perceived by society as usual, the majority of women still expect sooner or later become mothers. It is therefore essential to choose a life partner, which in the future will successfully cope with the role of the father, and not dump all the worries a young mom.

It is scarcely possible to expect tangible help from the person who neglects all the household chores, considering them as solely women's responsibility. But the willingness immediately to fix a leaking faucet, hang a shelf and take out the trash — a very good sign.

Husband, able to take responsibility, not yielding to the failures much faster will deal with the intricacies of changing diapers and cleaning baby than one who at the slightest deviation from the intended plan starts to panic.

A cheerful disposition also help to be a good father: all the moods of the child will be easily docked with tickling, funny faces, etc.

Well, if the lover is not selfish and knows how to take care of others: for example, about his wife, parents, brothers and sisters. But men need to be able to say that a close person is wrong, otherwise the child will in the future build from it a rope.

If you think your husband or fiance responsible is a good sign. So you won't need to worry, trusting that he has some responsibilities for child care.

Perhaps the most important thing is love between spouses and a man's desire to be a father. If not, then no masterovitosti and the ability to let go of the jokes will not help to be a better father.


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