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Operation "School": what you need to study in the XXI century

With the help of the expert-the psychologist Olga Romaniv collected rules shopping before the first of September, and learned about the gadgets that can be useful to students

Last year in preparation for the beginning of the school year the average Moscow schoolboy's parents could spend a little more than six thousand rubles. This promises a slight increase in prices. But experts say that have to spend not less than ten thousand. And this is when the ability to save.

Операция «Школа»: что нужно для учебы в XXI веке

Olga Romanito: materials of press-services


Notebooks will be cheaper if you buy them in the supermarket, but not in a stationery store. No need to abandon the simple books just because they are not very pretty. Not all teachers welcomed the superheroes on the covers, and buying simple green notebook can be justified by the savings. The younger the student, the smaller the number of sheets in the notebook they need. Psychologists have long noticed that baby at the beginning of the notebook writes diligently, and in the end often leaves a blank page or pulling out leaves. Slim notebook (12-18 sheets) usually be written with the from cover to cover. When buying notebooks, note paper quality: it should not be gray or too bright. Cells and line must be clearly visible.

Try to buy soft pencils. Russian manufacturers label these with the letter "M" and Vice "In". Hard pencils are not very comfortable, they often tear the paper. Longer wooden ruler, as they are stronger than plastic. But through the transparent plastic visible text, so it is better to have both. Don't buy expensive pens. Their children often lose, so more is better, not more expensive.

School uniform

Save the form in a situation when the school entered into a contract with a factory and centralize bought Trouser suits and tunics. Otherwise you will have to find everything yourself. On the websites of well-known stores are available quite cost models — skirts, skorts, jackets from 1999 roubles, trousers — from 1499. Costume for boy includes pants, vest and jacket at the lowest price and discount in the online store can still be bought for a record $ 2699. You can save on "indoor shoes" by giving the child to school, summer shoes or sandals. The form should have a loose fit and consist of natural materials at least half. If you find a suitable offer, buy multiple items of clothing that the child can periodically change during the school year.

Sports wear

Major sports stores before September first often lower prices. For example, you can buy a perfectly ordinary t-shirt "as he loves the teacher" (plain and without figures) for 99 rubles. Sports suit will cost 999 rubles, the cheapest running shoes — 599 rubles.

School bags and backpacks

They better not to save money, especially when it comes to bags for primary school children. Baby snails have to carry the whole "burden of responsibility", and it is not surprising that many of the children have problems with posture. The backpack must be solid flat bottom and a pillow back. If you search well, you can find the satchel for the younger school student for 1999 rubles for a senior — 1205 rubles. For a quality backpack makes sense to pay more, because this thing can last for more than one year.

Well, gadgets!

In addition to the usual notebooks and pencils in the Arsenal of modern students there is a technique, which has recently been only in science fiction.

Операция «Школа»: что нужно для учебы в XXI веке

Photo: materials of press-services

Talking globe

The electronic globe is supplied by the panel can answer the questions to test the student. Interaction with the device is possible using the interactive pen-pointer. The data remain in the memory of the globe. You can update them via USB connection. The kit usually includes a variety of additional materials such as interactive maps. Price of 11 thousand rubles.

Операция «Школа»: что нужно для учебы в XXI веке

Photo: materials of press-services

Backpack charging

Inside this backpack there is a battery, on the go to charge your tablet or phone. Batteries can be recharged at home. There are models that are equipped with solar panels. Price from 8000 rubles.

Операция «Школа»: что нужно для учебы в XXI веке

Photo: materials of press-services

Smart bracelet watch

Tracks the whereabouts of the child. And if to remove from hands, the parents will be notified. Also, the device can make voice calls and using special buttons to answer them. A few important rooms, such as parents. The gadget warns you with a sound when charging ends, and is managed through a mobile app. Also have satellite beacons in the form of a keychain or even buttons. Price from 3 thousand rubles.

Electronic posture corrector

The device consists of a small clip that attaches to your clothing or glued to the body. Before you start using the desired settings are fixed, forming the correct profile. The device remembers the pose, and if you deviate from the correct position behind he light vibration reminds the child about the need to straighten up. Price from 4,000 rubles.

Операция «Школа»: что нужно для учебы в XXI веке

Photo: materials of press-services

Advanced alarm clock

To turn it off is not so easy. There are models with a propeller that signal and fly away. This alarm clock will have to find room, to put in place, and only then did he shut up. Alarms on wheels is rapidly going away with the included signal. In the pursuit of the device sleep can remove. Price from 1000 rubles.

Операция «Школа»: что нужно для учебы в XXI веке

Photo: materials of press-services

3D pen

Inside this pen is a quick-drying plastic extruder. You fill the handle with a special filling and drawing solid objects on a plane or even above it. For example, by printing a favorite picture, can be painted over and then removed from the sheet surface of the resulting figure. Thus, the child will develop more and abilities of the sculptor. Price from 5 thousand rubles.


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