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5 tricks in preparation for school

These secrets pomogajut child to join in the learning process

1. Pencils and pens

Organize your home training space. The whole "stationery" should be the child at hand. It does not lie in chaos, and each pen should have its own place.

5 хитростей в подготовке к школе

The pencils should be his место

2. Notebook

Don't confuse notebook. Even if they are the same color, then stick them on a colored tape or mark with a marker. Then your child will know exactly what "green" — Russian language, "red" is mathematics.

5 хитростей в подготовке к школе

Mark тетради

3. Documents

Keep school papers in one place. Take a seat and teach your child that all papers that require parent attention, you have to put in there.

5 хитростей в подготовке к школе

Documents should be in one месте

4. Clothing

Assemble kits in advance so that neither you nor the child is not rushed in the morning in search of a clean blouse or ironed pants.

5 хитростей в подготовке к школе

Prepare одежду

5. Alarm clock

Each phone has an alarm clock. However, make your morning fresh — buy your child a separate clock that would play a cheerful tune. For example, the singing of birds.

5 хитростей в подготовке к школе

Let the morning sing птицы


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