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5 rules for the perfect backpack

Parents of students time to prepare for the beginning of the school year

Erasers, rulers, notebooks — all that is necessary. But the backpack is the main item of school equipment. Different manufacturers offer hundreds of models. tell me how from all this variety to choose the right one.

Rule # 1

The material of the backpack need to endure snow, heat and torrential rain. Also, remember that your child can stuff in the bag meal without the container, markers without caps, open paint, and then the backpack will have to sometimes wash. Therefore it is better to give preference to fabric with water-repellent impregnation. These things will be long service life and reasonable price.

5 правил идеального рюкзака

Outdoor marker easily spoil the new сумку

Rule # 2

The color of the backpack can be either: pink, blue, polka dots or even depicting characters from favorite cartoons, that's not it. The bag must be retro-reflective elements — is the key to your child's safety. At dusk or in bad weather it will be easier to spot on the road.

5 правил идеального рюкзака

Reflective elements - необходимость

Rule # 3

The backpack should match the size of the child: the top edge on the blade, lower on the waist. Webbing products should be regulated, to make the child comfortable. Well, if the bag has an additional tape on the chest. So the weight will be distributed correctly, and your first grader will maintain good posture. Some manufacturers further strengthen the rear wall of the product, making it anatomical is right.

5 правил идеального рюкзака

First graders do not try to buy a backpack the size него

Rule # 4

Buy a backpack with lots of pockets. It doesn't have to be a bag with one compartment. Better if pens, notebooks, phone and house keys will not be lying in a heap. Child useful mesh side for water bottles, and a hole at the top for headphones and a pocket for small things.

5 правил идеального рюкзака

For each subject - your кармашек

Please note the castle — not every child will be able to cope with complicated latches so the double zipper is the most convenient option. It allows you to lay the bag almost into two halves and get to the bottom.

Rule # 5

Don't skimp. It is desirable that one backpack your child has enough for the year, or even two, if it will not grow. But cheap goods are rarely of good quality. Such backpacks quickly torn at the seams, they have a broken zipper and off the plastic parts. The product must be of high quality and easy.

5 правил идеального рюкзака

Do not skimp on качестве


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