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Training makeup: how to impress classmates and the Director

Expert gives advice on make-up, clothes and hairstyle for school girls

About conflicts between school teachers, fashionistas and even movies, but the problem of decent appearance during his studies are still relevant. Specialist style, lecturer of RSUH and mother of three children Maria Andreeva know how to help her stay beautiful, healthy and fashionable.

Учебный макияж: как понравиться одноклассникам и директору

Maria Andreeva, expert stiletto: materials of press-services

What makeup can be used Schoolgirls

Chapstick pink tint, lip gloss, face powder to even out skin tone, is also acceptable. Of course, the child should have its own baby care. The girl should be taught to properly use makeup and care for brushes, sponge. All this must be kept scrupulously clean.

How to be a makeup school

The saying "the Perfect makeup — one that cannot be seen" has a direct relation to the makeup girls. All the shades are neutral and pastel colors: peach blush, neutral shadows. Dense tonal resources to use to Schoolgirls is not recommended, so choose mineral makeup. It is safe and best suited for teenage skin.

What clothes to choose for school

The schools are now current or form voted for by the majority of parents, or business style, that is classical trousers of dark shades for the boys plus shirt pastel shades, summer dresses for girls in Junior and skirts with blouses for girls. The modern student may look strict, but at the same time fashionable. Jacket, blouse, pencil skirt — things from the category of timeless classics, and if these clothes are of good materials and fits well on the figure, then look the girl best. Trendy colors of the season — black, blue or gray.

What hairstyles suit girls

Doctors advise not to tighten the tail or spit, as this will prevent normal circulation. You also need to make sure that the hair does not interfere with the reading and writing, not overshadow the book. No, of course not allowed to go with her and long hair to female students in Junior and in the senior girls care about fashion, like adult women. In the fashion of a square with a shaved head, and also choose a short cut, leaving one side long bangs. Very topical Bob, asymmetry, thinning — in General, all as at adults.

Is it permissible heels school shoes

Modern trends are such that the heel is not only valid, but encouraged in children's shoes, even for younger students. And it's not just the beauty. Small heel promotes the correct formation of the foot. As for high school, classic heel in 4-6 cm is the norm.


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