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5 life hacks to help student

Children now load almost like the astronauts

"What came to progress"... Our kids in school work like robots, in order to fill tables OGE and EGE. They do not receive knowledge, they are not taught to think, to reflect, and only to put crosses. They do it under escort and scrutiny of the cameras as criminals.

Nowhere to go — so the current education system. As parents we can only try to make their life easier.

Pack donkeys

First class save your back your child to school, they drag some incredible number of books, additional books and other educational literature, not to mention the stationery.

5 лайфхаков, которые помогут школьнику

Not every mom can raise the kids портфель

Whatever fashion bags, but a backpack, and in consequence of the backpack should have two straps. The straps are wide, lined on the back orthotic. The amount of cargo should not exceed 10% of the weight of the child. Alternatively, there is a wonderful school suitcases on wheels.

Fighting for posture

Instead of a chair have the child sitting on the fitball. This unstable surface is struggling with immobility in the school, teaches to keep the back straight and develops the vestibular apparatus. Sitting on the ball, your child definitely does not work a scoliosis.

5 лайфхаков, которые помогут школьнику

The ball will help posture красивой

Oddly enough, this movable design helps the child to focus, and improves brain function.

The right light

The lamp on the table the student is a very important element. They say that the doctrine — light, but not every source is suitable. The lamp should not be bright — 60-100 watt max and give a yellow hue. The lamp should be positioned to the left and slightly ahead of the child.

5 лайфхаков, которые помогут школьнику

Note свет


Give your child a daily vitamin complex. One of the important elements of omega — 3. This substance is involved in the formation of cell membranes of brain and helps in learning. About it can be obtained from normal fish oil is not tasty, but useful.

5 лайфхаков, которые помогут школьнику

Remember about fish жир

A good night's sleep

In 75% of cases, the spine starts to deform ages 8-14. Experts offer simple prevention is a good mattress. In the middle ages, to correct posture, children put to sleep on Board. Now everything is easier — rigid anatomical product in sleep. Then the position of the sleeping child will be correct.

5 лайфхаков, которые помогут школьнику

Quiet night, the key to a successful дня


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