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Children fatigue and ways to avoid it

A little more than two weeks since the beginning of the school year, and parents already complain that their children are tired of lessons. gathered recommendations that will help the child not to overwork

September is always a very difficult month for families who have students. To adapt to the educational process is necessary not only to students but to the entire environment. Therefore, from the first days of the school year should go to hard mode of the day, which as confirmed by experts, will allow to overwork the kids and free time for rest. There are a few rules that you should follow. Student need to Wake up at the same time — 6.30–7.00. In school a child gets tired of sitting hours in the same position, moreover, often he gets in a stressful situation. So after school, the student should be allowed to walk in the fresh air or to take it to the sports section, where he can "let off steam".

For elementary school students daytime sleep is still important, so do not rush to force the son or daughter immediately after lunch to take for homework, better give them an hour and a half sleep or just relax. But remember that the lessons need to sit not later than six o'clock in the evening. Experts say that in first grade homework should take no more than 30 minutes a day. Students in grades 2-3 1 to 1.5 hours, 4-5 classes — 2 hours; 6-8 grades — 2.5 hours; grades 9-11 — 3.5–4 hours a day. Psychologists recommend doing homework at the same time — so the child will develop the habit of learning lessons, is exactly the same as wash in the morning. Better to start with the most difficult tasks and set a timer for its implementation. Between objects required a ten-minute break.

Psychologists recommend that parents periodically to remember their difficulties while studying at school. Fathers and mothers must give the child more independence, not to sit next to him during lessons, and also do not specify categorically in error. You need to avoid the phrase "this is bad", "this is wrong", "it's dirty" etc. Better to put it mildly: "think again", "it's spelt differently", "try again", etc. Also parents need to closely monitor physical and psychological condition of the child.

There are several signs of fatigue that you should pay attention to.

— A bad dream. The child sleeps badly tonight and can't get up in the morning, wakes up at night and walk the whole day as "cooked". Doctors believe this is the first sign of emotional stress.

— A headache. If the student began to complain that he had a headache, he first needed rest. It is better to abandon several clubs. If the head ache continues, it is time to consult a neurologist.

— In a bad mood. The child is constantly acting out, crying, freaking out over nothing.

Student stopped playing at home in their favorite games. Appeared confusion in behavior, confusion, forgetfulness.

— He has developed bad habits such as nail biting, sucking the collar of the shirt, wrap it over your finger your hair, tapping your foot, ride the chair, etc.

— Student began to make more mistakes, had bad handwriting, or he could not understand the text read.

These signs — an important signal for parents. It was time to think about it, if they are too ambitious in relation to the school success of their child. And someone they want to grow up: healthy and happy man or cornered, always tired neurotic.


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