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If your child has become a "brand new"

Expert tells how to help your child adapt to new school

Even an adult is peculiar to the excitement before the first working day in a new place. What can we say about a child who begins to study at another school. Specialist in human resource management, psychologist Dr. Arkhipova know how to help your child cope with this difficult situation.

Adaptation on a new place depends on many different factors, among which an important character of the child, his openness, sociability, friendliness. Also important reasons which have to change schools. And if the traits are clear: the more open to the world the child, the faster and safer will be an adjustment period — the reasons for the change schools can complicate things.

If the transition is dictated by the desire to explore some things in depth, then adaptation is easier, the child may not lose the usual circle of communication, to maintain relationships with former classmates.

If the transition to a new school due to relocation, then the child is several reasons for stress: new place of learning, a new house, a completely different environment with no friends.

It is most difficult when a change of school occurs due to conflicts in previous. In this case, the child has already received a negative experience either with teachers or with classmates: it is therefore important that the situation is not repeated.

All these factors can differently affect the behavior and mood of the student. The child may not be able constantly to experience stress, to become nervous, withdrawn, or Vice versa, whiny. And parents need to help children during this difficult period of life.

Если ваш ребенок стал «новеньким»

Psychologist Dr. Argiroupoli: materials of press-services

Important tips

Don't scold for bad grades. Better maximum help not in word but in deed. Once again we will explain what is not clear, approach the teacher with questions.

Do not overload. Additional education you should wait a bit, let the child first adapts to the basic educational process. The same can be attributed to domestic responsibilities.

Please be in touch. The new school should immediately get to know the teachers, class teacher, parents, classmates, in General, to acquire useful connections and acquaintances. Your main task — to wonder how is the adaptation of relations in the team. The child may not always share what was bothering him, it is better and more correct at first to keep their finger on the pulse.

Spending time with him. Set aside some time for their deeds and often try to be there to discuss any problems, and just to chat. Your child now needs you more than ever — help him to become a real friend and establish trust.


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