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Whether to return a child to a music school

Maybe by not too late to learn the beautiful? Opera singer Maria Gevorgyan shared his expert opinion

The hearing is almost all. We all have an innate ability to discern pitch: just some have developed it better than others. On this and need to work — therefore, to develop hearing, voice and the coordination of these two components of the vocals. Systematic training in singing can develop their hearing and voice any person.

Sport and singing do not interfere with each other. Vocal helps develop the respiratory system, and the sport strengthens the muscles and immunity. So the child can perfectly combine sports section and a music school.

Often the child only in the beginning does not want to make music. It is important to figure out which tool he likes. It is possible that the piano he'd rather be playing drums or vocal lessons. Sometimes the child dropping out of school because of those teachers, who, seeing the disinterest and indifference of parents, just starting to moonlight in the classroom. Therefore, most come to school and communicate with teachers. And again, if aspiring musician gets only "five" in the music school, no need to pressure him. You are learning to play for themselves and not to the certificate, were nothing but excellent grades. Often praise the child and say, how do you like the fruits of his efforts.

Отдавать ли ребенка в музыкальную школу

Opera singer Maria Georgetta: materials of press-services

No matter what age you start to learn. Adults also respond well to music education. With a strong desire to start studying music and vocals, being already not a young man. Of course, children quickly grasp and easily remember. But the older the child becomes, the better the process of education. This is because adults are more consciously suitable to the classroom, they are more responsible, they have better memory, they are distinguished by such qualities as attentiveness and endurance.

Music education positively influences the General development of man. In the process of singing develops memory, and the strengthening of the vocal cords, there is a constant work on diction, articulation, breath. The development of memory, speech apparatus leads to the fact that the child, for example, improved thinking, and in General, playing music, singing, playing any musical instruments contribute to expanding horizons and revealing the actor's potential. Children who study music, emotional and freer of their peers.


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