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Breathe through your nose: how to treat adenoids in children shares the recommendations of the expert

Adenoids are tonsils located at the junction of the nose and throat. Children often come into contact with viruses and bacteria, so inflammation and enlargement of adenoids is usually aged 3 to 10 years.

Adenoiditis — inflammation of tonsils, occurring on the background of colds. Treated conservatively: medications, a course of nasal washes, laser therapy, breathing exercises and physiotherapy. It is advisable to take a course twice a year — fall and spring.

Hypertrophy of the pharyngeal tonsils (increase, growth) may require surgery. There are clear indications for removal of adenoids. First: endoscopy of the nasopharynx is diagnosed third degree adenoids. Second, frequent ear infections (changes in ear drum). Third, apnea (stop, sinking of breathing during sleep).

Very often due to the enlarged pharyngeal tonsils occurs persistent runny nose, cough, starts, otitis, hearing impairment, appears mouth breathing can cause changes in the facial skeleton and occlusion.

There is a very limited list of drugs and procedures that can be performed for the treatment of adenoids without prescription. For example, lavage of the nose and throat with saline or sterile salt water pharmaceutical production with special devices.

Дышите носом: как правильно лечить аденоиды у детей

Gunay, Ramazanova: materials of press-services

Gunay Ramazanova, specialist otolaryngologist, a specialist in conservative treatment of adenoids:

— It is strictly forbidden to do the washing of the nose and throat of different infusions of oak bark, St. John's wort, mint. You cannot drip in a nose juice of onions, garlic and even aloe. This is a dangerous and painful procedure, which can lead to severe burns of mucous membranes, bleeding, significant aggravation of the situation.

Follow the breath of a child — if he's still breathing by the nose? Watch: how the baby is sleeping, like breathing when he's passionate about the game? Bad if the baby's lips disclosed even at 2 mm. Mouth breathing leads to drying of the mucosa, trauma and, consequently, to adenoiditis. When we breathe with the mouth, the cold air inhaled a lot of viruses and bacteria, dust, allergens, exhaust. When we breathe with the nose — air is warmed, cleaned, moistened, and immediately the blood is enriched with oxygen. A healthy person should breathe only through the nose. There are special exercises.

For example: to draw the lips close tightly and hold for 6 seconds (can be scored), add to that the smooth head tilts up and down (6 times). Repeat every day and as often as possible.


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