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Educational program for parents: how to discipline children

Perfect parenting does not imply punishment, but sometimes even the most patient parents can not stand. Professor Alla Spivakovska shared the most sensible methods

There are many types of so-called creative punishment. In this punishment of children it is necessary not to reproach, and to give them the ability to test their behavior in a situation similar to that in which the error was made. It is sometimes useful to reverse the roles, let the children for a short time will become parents and will set the house in order. You can use a little exercise in self-control, holding directly from the desired, impulsive, thoughtless. The question is not whether to punish or not, and how to punish for the benefit of children, for parents and for the whole family.

The ban is one of the inevitable forms of education. For example, if you want your child to always wash hands before eating, you need to create a so-called rapid ban. You often hear the phrase: "And now we will have lunch, but first it is necessary to wash the pens, but if pens are dirty, it's not good, because you can get sick..." But there is an error. Mom shows the child that the hands can not be washed, and the baby will want to really know what will happen if he does not wash. In such situations, it is more correct to behave so that there is only one behavior: you can not eat, if not washed hands. Anticipating the ban should be verbally concise, confident and accurate.

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Professor Alla Spivakovskaya:

Another option for punishment is metered "deprivation of love". When are the natural needs of the child, how to feed, put to sleep, etc., but given less attention. However, in no case can the "pinch". "Deprivation of love" — a potent tool, it should be applied with caution and do not apply to young children. Sensitive and strongly attached to the mother of the baby even the words "you upset me" can cause profound experiences.

The justice of the punishment must not cause doubts. For example, if a child received a "poor" parents need to get him to perform additional tasks, explain the material. The gain control will not cause the child's resentment and protest. But the validity of the ban on walking or going to the movies is not obvious. Such punishment not only helps the child to cope with difficulties, but rather creates a new one.

Option exercises self-control in parents

This exercise will allow parents to learn to think before you make hasty step, punishing their children. When you want to make the child the remark, slap it in, put in the corner, stop and say to yourself, "what am I gonna do now must Express my love for my son or daughter." Ask yourself, what feelings will test your baby. I'm sure that after this issue you will not want to resort to such stereotypical actions. Maybe you make an effort and instead slap hug your child, instead of the boring comments you ahead praise him. You will come to a head, as it can be maintained and get the same result. And instead put in a corner, tell him that you are sure that this will never happen again, and give him some commemorative thing.


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