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The advice of a gastroenterologist: what to feed a child with diarrhea

First eliminate foods with laxative or cholagogue action

To help child's body to recover, doctors recommend to stick to the following diet.

In the first half of the day after the start disorders give your baby only water and absorbent products. Later feed him boiled rice without butter (100 gr). If the child does not want to eat, do not force. His body will know when it's time to eat.

Gradually in the diet include boiled potatoes and bananas.

Return the baby to normal food, adding in the menu, stale bread or crackers, low-fat meat and fish dishes. Feed him pureed food and jelly.

Milk and milk products can be given more soon. About smoked and oily should also forget.

When diarrhoea is allowed to give porridge without butter and low-fat soups without frying. Oat and rice porridge envelop the mucous and reduce inflammation.

Stick to these recommendations and your baby will soon be fine.


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