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The heirs direct: the best means for your kids — about the most necessary updates that will help better care for kids

Lepidospartum LIPIKAR emollient oil for bath and shower from LA ROCHE-POSAY

Наследники по прямой: лучшие средства для ваших детей

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In the winter our skin is put to severe tests with cold, gusty winds and temperature drops. And infants and children suffer no less than adults. As a result the skin becomes irritated, scaly, acquires excessive dryness.

Niacinamide, part of this oil for the bath and shower, allows to restore the skin barrier and eliminates the feeling of tightness, and Shea butter provides intensive replenishment of lipids and thermal water La Roche-Posay soothing and healing effect.

To use oil very easy. Pour 2-3 capfuls of LIPIKAR at the time of tub filling. Or, if you take a shower, simply apply a few drops on wet skin. Only very important then to wash off the oil with water and blot with a towel the skin. Apply the oil at least every day — until then, until you see improvements. Well, after that, you can go to mode about 1-2 times a week.

Toothbrush FOREO ISSA

Наследники по прямой: лучшие средства для ваших детей

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With this brush, your child will love to brush their teeth morning and evening, and generally after each meal. Tested! Because this gadget is fascinating, and its appearance, and the soft silicone bristles, and bright colors, flashing and glowing faces on the housing. Besides, baby doesn't need to drive a brush on the teeth. She pulsates and vibrates, massaging the enamel surface instead of scratching it. This vibration "knock" food particles from between your teeth and prevent them to spread around your mouth.

New diapers and wipes

Наследники по прямой: лучшие средства для ваших детей

Photo: materials of press-services

It's hard to imagine how our parents lived in the absence of diapers. But now the progress is not in place and the diapers almost every day getting better and better. This season introduced several innovations at Libero. So, Libero Newborn for the youngest of Supersoft and breathable materials that have passed dermatological testing. Absorbent layer has channels STAY-DRY, which helps to optimally absorb, distribute and retain moisture, protecting against leaks and keeping dry the baby skin.

Libero baby Comfort provides natural protection and comfort both day and night. Moisture indicator changes color as the filling of the diaper and alerts parents when a baby's time to change.

Well padded panties Libero Up&Go is designed especially for active toddlers. They are easy to put on and take off and very easy to dispose of by tearing the side seams and securing with adhesive tape.


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