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Mom, check it out, but trust

Of what, of what, what made our... products?

In childhood many of us dreamed to get to the factories. Solve the mysteries: how milk gets into the package, why the toffee sticks to the paper, and drinks bubble and foam. When was the age of the "whyers" and we grew up — questions remained the same. I have been many fears. Suddenly in the products of dangerous chemicals. What to do? When children are born, many parents become a walking encyclopedia on medicine with a bunch of prejudices. Stupor — what to feed your baby after breast milk, if the environment is deteriorating rapidly with each passing year? To grow fruit on the windowsill? To start your cow? decided to help young mothers and went to the production of baby food "Frutonyanya" in Lipetsk. Explain why milk stored for six months, and the "Frutonyanya" can you buy without fear.

Juices, purees, porridge and other products under the brand "Frutonyanya" make the plant "Progress" in the city of Lipetsk. Less than a year ago it launched a milk processing plant, which produces curds, yoghurts, fermented milk products "biolakt", liquid porridge and milkshakes. On the one hand, everything seems elementary. Took the milk, crushed fruit, poured in a box and sent to store shelves. There it was. The production process is extensive and detailed at the same time. Will tell you more about it.

The plant "Progress" milk brings three different complex. On one of them we visited. It is located in the Lipetsk region. Its construction started last year. Now on the farm contain 1100 dairy cows, 450 heifers (cows that have not yet given birth) and young calves. According to staff, the cow in charge here and everything revolves around it. Animals live in large barns. It's a long hangars, where there is everything necessary — food, water, couches. Do not keep cows in the stall. They live on the European "loose housing". Roam freely around the barn, but on pasture do not go. It is not cost-effective.

Comfortable environment for cows is left to chance. For example, lighting should be 200 Lux. People need to read quietly in the barn the newspaper. Another interesting fact: animals are comfortable in temperatures of minus 5-10 degrees. Therefore, in the winter in the barn down only one curtain. Second open to get air. If you hit extreme cold, it will close all the gates. In the summer heat here include fans. Fed the cattle twice a day monochrom with the addition of desired minerals.

It is important to care about cleanliness. It affects the health of animals and quality of milk. The barn on the farm clean 45 times per day. We don't clean house much for a month. Employees joke: if you want to hide from the flies, go here. Insects are afraid of such purity.

Each cow here is on the account. Electronic databases marked all: when I was born, when calved, how many gave milk in a day if grafting and so on. Animals have their own "family" doctor and the maternity ward. There is also a kindergarten. The calf shed, where the kids live. It smells like fresh yummy milk. The calves live in individual houses, and someone has already left them. Are preparing to transfer into the adult calf. Real nursery — all Moo, jump, chew on everything I see. Calves are awfully curious. Here is the passage ran cat. All spun around, crouched, and watched. Fed babies 3 times a day. The day everyone needs to drink 8 liters of milk. In the calf there is a "milk taxi". Special shuttles carry about milk and how at the gas station, from the hoses and watered the calves.

During the day, the complex takes the plant "Progress" 20 tons of milk. The scope here is enormous. In the Soviet Union, the milkmaid gave the order "the Veteran of work" for 5 000 litres of milk. And now the only cow in a single lactation yields 9 000 liters. They milked 3 times a day with special machines. Then the milk is cooled and loaded in the tanker. And the journey is just beginning.

The plant "Progress" is equipped with the latest technology and not in vain so called. Floating shop and silver tubes are fascinating. Think you're on a space station or are transported into the future. Factory fifteen kilometres of pipe, which runs daily milk and dairy products for children. But this marathon's milk will test some more.1/9

Мама, проверяй, но доверяй

First, the milk truck drives onto an external sink. Then the milk in the tanks is mixed and sampled. The shelf life of milk for the production of baby food in just 24 hours. You can't waste a single minute. The sample referred to the laboratory and tested for antibiotics and other quality indicators. If the milk does not meet at least one parameter, the whole party unfold and return to the complex. To run it in production you should not.

If everything is in order, the milk is cooled to 3-4 degrees and poured into the storage tank. Here is whole milk, which of the following technological stages cleared, normalized for fat and pasteurized. In this workshop shift work only six people. There is a special room. The Holy of holies, where a remote process control. Several monitors displayed all technological facilities, piping and tanks, in real time displays the level of milk, its performance, temperature and many other mysterious processes, numbers and letters. Works for remote control only one person. The responsibility is serious. Therefore, the office is a ringing silence.

In this shop there is another important division. Sink — the key to high quality. After each production process, all objects are automatically rinsed with the prepared solutions of alkalis, acids and disinfection. No pollution will remain.

After fermentation, pasteurization and other complex special words, dairy products finally enters the shop filling. Here you can rent the movie "the Matrix" or program for Discovery. Everything is automated and most importantly, you see the stages of their eyes. The boxes are sterile and transparent. Endless conveyor belt unwound the coils of the Tetra Pak. One second later, put in boxes, even after two to pour the yogurt or cottage cheese, clog and send it on. One car sticks to the tube, the second photographing, a properly positioned straw, the third adds the jars in the drawer. A huge metal robot arms assemble the products, making one big box. Packaged smoothies and cereals leaving the warehouse. But there works another miracle of technology — the loader drone. The robot carefully lifts, moves boxes, takes them to load. Every action is recorded in the computer. Just like everything else. In the hour of "Progress" makes more than 50 000 bags of "milk". You can take any product off the shelf in the store, to get to the factory, and the staff will quickly tell you all the story of his birth

If you ask, Olexiy volochay, Deputy regional Director of JSC "PROGRESS" as the quality is controlled at the exit, he will smile and explain: the product is accompanied at all stages of production and test dozens of times.

Dairy products "Frutonyanya" can introduce the child to solid foods from 6 months. The shelf life can not survive. Some dairy products before opening the package can actually be stored for six months, says Director of innovation and change management Dmitry Makarkin. Due to packaging, which is specially processed and protects the product from external influences.

About baby food there are many myths. For example, mothers give children goat's milk, believing it to be hypoallergenic. The pediatrician and nutritionist Adil Safronov explains that milk from cow is distinguished only by one enzyme. If the baby has intolerance to cow's protein, most likely will be cross-Allergy to goat. Semolina is also not necessary to feed the children. It consists of starch, it contains no nutrients.Mom, check it out, but trust

According to many pediatricians, are best left to industrial baby food. Mothers often cook at home. For example, monocase and add a banana or make vegetable and fruit purees But no one knows what the quality of the fruit or vegetable, how it was stored, how it was grown. The plant "Frutonyanya" skepticism is. In fact, according to Alexei volochay, no more reliable warranty of the highest quality of the product, the employees, directly involved in the production process, the food produced by them products for their children.

Alena Ball

Photo: the Communications Agency Progress


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