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What are your Hobbies star children

They live in beautiful houses and apartments, wear fashionable clothes, have a great opportunity and now want to get from life much. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the descendants of known parents very busy schedule...

Lisa and Harry Pugacheva Galkin

The twins Harry and Lisa four years, so they only begin to show their talents. It is known that the kids swim in the pool, gymnastics and French. They already know how to count, including French. And recently, followers of the social networks could ensure that little Lisa grows a true fashionista. The girl carried a fashionable revision of the outfits Alla Pugacheva and Kristina Orbakaite, and then Harry Galkin summed up: "Some kind of "Fashion verdict"!"

Чем увлекаются звездные дети

Lisa and Harry Galleryphoto:

Taisiya Maslyakova

The legendary leader of KVN Alexander Maslyakov is growing granddaughter. In their eleven years Taisiya is already working on television, and leads a children's KVN. Besides Taisiya long and seriously into music. In the three years she began to study in the vocal Studio. Taisia was brought there by the mother. During the eight years of singing lessons, Taisiya quite adequately mastered the basics of performance and ready to perform on stage. In the near future will be her first trip with the team on tours to Riga. There Taisiya will perform jazz works.

Чем увлекаются звездные дети

Taisa Maslakove: press service of "fidget"

Ariadne Volochkova

Daughter Anastasia Volochkova dances beautifully. However, to say that she will become a ballerina. According to Anastasia, now Arina interests in a somewhat different direction. 'She moved into a new school, where no teacher, but has extra classes: children after school can take some discipline. Arish is seriously learning English. She is in school with a native speaker. Also, biology and mathematics in English“, — says the dancer. Yet we know that Arina is in the dance Studio. "In her busy schedule dancing — once a week for two hours. It is up to nine years in the band 'Domisolka“, but then wanted to do something else. I think that if she's not even gonna be a singer or a dancer to move gracefully or sing karaoke with friends too expensive," said the famous mother Arina.

Чем увлекаются звездные дети

Ariadne, Volochkovoj:

Yana, Artem and Arseniy Arshavin

Fans Andrey Arshavin is likely to believe that his sons should become football stars. But while the success demonstrates a younger Arseny. "It's funny to watch him on the football field. Looks like he's copied from his dad — one to one", — told the "MK-Boulevard" Yulia Baranovskaya. Well, the daughter of Yana Arshavin danced in the ballet "Todes", while senior Artem is the third year the singing Studio. In addition, the boy learns the basics of stage speech.

Чем увлекаются звездные дети

Yana and Artem and Arseny, Arabinitol:

Alexander and Sergei Filin

The famous dancer and now a leader of the workshop of young choreographers of the Bolshoi theater Sergei Filin — two sons: eleven-year-old Alexander and nine-year-old Sergey. Sasha is now in its sixth year working in the Studio "fidget". "He's since childhood, was very musical. All sang, remember all the children's songs from cartoons and once coming out of kindergarten, asked me to give him to do music and vocals. We with Sergey have decided that music would inspire him and dance classes. He was already prepared emotionally, because he often went with us to the theatre and with great pleasure watched all ballet performances. But he immediately identified my favorite subject: this is the vocal! He is willing to engage every free minute," says the wife, Sergei Filin, Maria Parwich. The youngest son of parents saw a ballet dancer, but Sergei, like his older brother, became interested in music and now together with Sasha the singing Studio.

Чем увлекаются звездные дети

Alexander and Sergey Triniphoto: press service of "fidget"


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