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5 reasons to start a writing pen

It's time to push the keyboard aside, otherwise you will lose important skills

We are able to type messages in the phone, on the move, without taking your eyes off the road. From an early age printable ten fingers blind method. Thoughts recorded on tape, and the number is dialed by voice, and only the usual handle, we really have forgotten how to write. According to scientists, it threatens us with loss of important skills.

Reason # 1

When we write by hand, develops fine motor skills and coordination. In addition, we have aktiviziruyutsya parts of the brain involved in forming speech. People who write well, fluently to read, easy learning sense.

5 причин начать писать ручкой

Without handwriting, we lose and other навыки

Reason # 2

Letter trains vision. Carefully removing the letter, we focus on the process. This improves accuracy and vyverennoi movements.

5 причин начать писать ручкой

Handwritten message романтично

Reason # 3

Who doesn't know how to create a written text are not able to read. In our time of manuscripts is getting smaller, but the analysis of Karakul additional charging for your brain. In the perception of printed records centers of the cerebral cortex work less, because we're in the clear and don't need to connect associative thinking and guess what kind of letter.

5 причин начать писать ручкой

Teach your child to write красиво

Reason # 4

We are becoming illiterate. Why learn the rules of the language, when the computer itself corrects the error. When we write by hand, we need fully to consider the proposal in mind and then write it down — no one wants to rewrite. It develops our imagination, abstract thinking.

5 причин начать писать ручкой

To be able to write необходимо

Reason # 5

We have become a worse writer. Scientists say that the text written by hand, remembered better, because man forms the basic thoughts and highlights important already during recording.

5 причин начать писать ручкой

Progress is not always хорошо


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