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An optimist by inheritance: how to raise resilient children listened to the expert opinion of the psychologist and writer Olga Romaniv about what should be done to parents that their kids have grown positive and exuded happiness

Your attitude to life is passed to the baby

You can often hear that young mothers are recommended as less nervous, especially if their child is breastfed. In the age of months the child conveys the emotions through the senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell. In the end, the main Association with the word "mom" from a baby can be not the smiling gentle woman, smelling of milk and comfort, and always upset and with tears in the corners of the eyes. If you want to see your child happy, smiling an optimist, the first look from the and family relationships between adults. Your positivity, kindness and love to the world, respect and understanding will be a good example for the child, and looking at you, it will build a model of their behavior and attitude towards life. Show the children the only bright side parent relationship: kiss him, say what you like, hug. Clarify any questions leave with her husband just at the time when you're alone.

Оптимист по наследству: как воспитать жизнерадостных детей

Olga Romanito: materials of press-services

Sense of humor — loyal assistant

One of the best helpers of the parents — a sense of humor. Even if a child is hurt, it hurts, it is not necessary to spare too much, show your fear for him. Laughing child, go together to find a "hole" in the door jamb or on the leg of the table, on which a child is hurt. Your sincere smile and reasonable care will help your child to learn not to feel sorry for yourself over nothing, laugh at life's difficulties.

Do not deprive the child of communication with peers

The child have to be friends. Being alone in a confined space of the apartment, the baby feels abandoned and unwanted, and the overprotective parents makes it soft and makes it independent. In such conditions, can grow only a child, who is always dissatisfied with everything, and the best thing he can do is to manipulate the parents to their advantage.

Оптимист по наследству: как воспитать жизнерадостных детей

Do not deprive the child of contact with sverstnikami:

Communication with peers will teach independent thinking, reaction speed and ability to be on the team. Of course, companionship in the first place will teach you how to have fun.

Error — not a reason to be upset

Talk to your child easily, do not scold him. Any mistake you can understand and work on the bugs. Everything is possible to translate a joke that the child understand that you are angry. For example, if you received an "f", you can say: "There! A little perseverance, you can easily fix!". Feeling your support, a child will smile and not be afraid of your reaction. He will be honest with you, and most importantly, learn to overcome difficulties, feeling your support. This will form his positive view on life.


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