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Beware of the holidays: tips for parents

How to protect your child from bad companies, do not give him to stumble?

Ahead of the school holidays — a time when children are often left without adult supervision. How to protect your child from bad companies, do not give him to stumble? Expert host of "juvenile", lecturer of the law faculty of the University of Victoria Danilchenko.

Осторожно, каникулы: советы для родителей

Victoria Danilchenko: materials of press-services

When children fall into bad company, parents usually find out about it later. And often make the same mistakes — forbid the teenager to be friends and communicate with their chosen friends. Of course, the child begins to protest, because he has personality. And there is the perennial problem — lack of understanding between parents and children.

Why our children pull in bad company? It is believed that adolescents begin to communicate with those children the character and behavior which are opposite to them. For example, a shy boy is drawn to strong, bold. Sometimes the cause of this friendship is the desire to be like everyone else. For many kids first try cigarettes, alcohol. Teenagers also go for popular persons, those who rebel against parents, the foundations of society and schools.

If you feel the negative impact of the new companies, if your child has become secretive, avoids you, the complaints of others appear more often, you need to have patience and gradually, without aggression to try to begin an open, trusting conversation. You can not blame the child, as it further closes on you. In this situation it is necessary to establish mutual understanding. Try to tell a child a story from his own youth about how you got under someone's bad influence, how do you behave in that situation and how it has affected your life. Even if such stories in your Luggage of life experience there — think of them. This will provide an opportunity to understand your child that you think like he does, and will create between you a kind of confidence.

Most importantly, do not engage nravo teachings, not to make empty comments — teenagers don't like them. I am absolutely sure: if the parents are not only their problems but also problems of the child, then the dialogue happens.

To distract the child, you can try to find joint employment, is able to captivate his interesting adventures, such as mountaineering, tourism, sports. The main thing — do not need to drive with sticks, the good of it will not be accurate. Do not drive a child in circles on the principle of: if I couldn't, you should! It doesn't work, or rather work, but for a very short period. Of course, bad company of a child is a difficult challenge for parents. You need to be aware that the child in this situation just need to devote more time to him was simply no time to communicate with difficult teenagers.


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