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Why celebrities do not recognize their children born out of wedlock and not paying child support

Leading the program "juvenile", lecturer of the law faculty of the University of Victoria Danilchenko said why in controversial cases need to go to court, not the talk show

Recently, the media frequently reports that the stars of show business do not pay alimony to their illegitimate children. In these scandals was seen Vadim Kazachenko, Alexander Serov, Alexander Malinin, and many others. Do they have no money, no desire? Why do such situations arise?

Let's look more broadly at this issue. In fact, many fans dream that the father of their child a favorite artist. And often wishful thinking. And if you admit of each such child, then the fees may not be enough to pay all the alimony.

Of course, in his youth many artists, touring across the country, have numerous connections, including an intimate nature. And from such relationships are known to be born child. And the law here is completely on the mother's side. It is necessary to apply to the court, to carry out genetic testing to establish paternity. Maybe the potential father will ignore the summons or refuse the examination, justifying it by some reasons. But the court in any case will make a decision.

Почему знаменитости не признают своих внебрачных детей и не платят алименты

Victoria Danilchenko: materials of press-services

However, this approach not appeal to all mothers who gave birth from the stars. There are plenty of examples when a girl from the Russian heartland claims that her child is a son or daughter of a famous artist. She was invited to various talk shows, her social media accounts gain a lot of subscribers, she has a multimillion army of fans.
And the fact of paternity at this time not proven. And for the star it can be both a PR and a blow to the reputation. In our country do not like people who throw your own child and don't want to pay child support. It turns out: the girls are looking at such a contagious example of how to arrange their lives without working and without straining, and the stars certainly don't want the first click to accept children.

Unfortunately, such cases are not uncommon among ordinary citizens. Women for many years raising their children on their own. But after learning about the financial success of the potential dads, turning to the court. First, is the ability to get alimony, and secondly, if the child's father, a famous actor, singer, and it is possible to obtain a wide recognition.
I would like to appeal to women and young girls. Before agreeing to unprotected contacts, think about your future. And if it happened to you a similar story, be honest — go to court and prove his innocence. Do not engage in PR. First, it can harm your baby.


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