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How to protect your child against unemployment

Why do some families grow children who become a support for parents, and other chronic slackers? Psychologist and parapsychologist Saona knows how in the process of education to give the child a chance for a good future

Educate by example

If a child sees that his father and mother workers and also get pleasure from what you do, the chances of becoming unemployed it is much less than that of children growing up in families where the attitude to work as hard labor. When parents talk about work only in a negative way, the children can be confident that you can do without it if it brings such suffering.

Don't go on about the children

If a child from early childhood accustomed that it all brought on a platter, then he's a potential unemployed. It is difficult to educate a person constantly indulging the whims of a toddler. Of course, children need to feel love sometimes to indulge, but we must remember that the earlier a child begins to understand that the world of material and parents don't always have the means to make a gift, the better for his development.

Как уберечь ребенка от безработицы

Psychologist and parapsychologist, Sonatta: materials of press-services

To teach responsibility

In a child of any age should have their responsibilities. For example — cleaning up toys after themselves. And a clear understanding that he will not do this one. Dereliction of duty should somehow be punished. Less screaming and crying to the conscience, more business. Try to explain what clean still need. Bring a responsible person and always encourage. For example, talk about how you need his help and support.

Less Internet

We live in an era where information and entertainment are directly connected to the Internet. However, adults remember their duties and still go to work. Children grow up others, and, unfortunately, on the Internet, they are sometimes prohibitively long time. They come home from school and hang in the gadgets, not noticing anything around. Children whose parents allow too much time for games and social networks, grow into adults who do not understand why they need to work on.

Cultivate independence

You never wondered why a career in Moscow often make people from other cities? Just before they grow up and become independent: they do not always have the money to send parents and have to spin themselves. At some point the child needs to understand that he is already old enough to earn, and sit on the neck of the parents ashamed. Some children come to it on their own, others need help to realize that they grew up in. Stop indulging the caprices of adult children and give them money. Do not rush to push the offspring to College right after high school. Give him the opportunity to become independent and choose their path in life. Let him go to work, and then decide how important to him the higher education. The earlier a child is aware that you need to rely on themselves, the better for him and for you.


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