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Interior excellence: what should be the working place of the student

Very soon the children will start school and of course homework. How to equip the nursery for the young student? gathered useful tips

Space zoning

In the arrangement of furniture is the recommended zoning. Try to make a sleeping area and study area has been divided. With such arrangement, the child will be less distracted from school. Zones can be divided by a partition. But not a simple screen, but, for example, a Board on which you can draw. If the width and length of the room allows, areas can be divided with light sliding doors. Desk better to put near the window so that light shines from the front and to the left.

Furniture to size

Children grow quickly, so it is better to buy a table-transformer, which can change. It is also possible to adjust the tilt of the tabletop and even the height of the chair.
And don't forget the table-top should be matte, so as not to interfere the reflected light. If you have a computer, buy a special computer Desk — the usual written for these purposes is not suitable. Shelves for books must be placed so that all educational literature was at hand. And don't forget to buy a stand for a book that allows you to read at the correct angle.

The right lighting

In the room of the student needed a few lights. One bedside, one for the work area and a common ceiling fixture. The important role played by such factors as the direction of light, so the lamp is recommended to buy with an opaque shade and the ability to direct the light to the desired location. Experts advocate for the lamps with the most elongated shape of the canopy. With regard to light colour, from cool lamps eyes tire more, but this shade helps focus. For light desktop is considered sufficient, the light from the incandescent bulb is 60 watts, fluorescent — 10 W led — 7W.

Useful stuff

So your child can fully enjoy their success, and organize a separate place for awards. Then the student will have an incentive to fill all of this space. A useful thing would be a simulator for eye — large posters with special color pictures.


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