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School time: preparing for the new school year — about the most important purchases that need to get done before September 1

Although school uniform (in the usual sense) is cancelled, still there are some standards on how to look better in school line, and then in class. We have selected the lovely options — from a school collection PlayToday.

Школьная пора: готовимся к новому учебному году


Not a school uniform, as they say. Scientists believe games in my spare time making our children happy. The survey was conducted among 9 countries, including Russia, and here are the results. It turned out that nine out of ten families (88%), playing more than five hours a week say they are happy.

Школьная пора: готовимся к новому учебному году

Parents from all over the world agreed that learning through play (76%) — the best way to explain something to a child. I wonder what creative his children was named by 87% of Russians, while that told only 63% of adults. New LEGO stoic to mention Elves "Trap Azari and fiery lion". Elf Azari fire and the Fire Keeper Leo Rowan unite their magical powers to fight with bats from the World of shadows! They need to be careful and Dodge the shots from catapults, which controls bats. And together with that is to remove the chain of evil with the neck of Rowan. Azari help to capture a vehicle with the help of her powerful hammer and thwart the plans of Vespa and Molo. But be careful! One mouse climbed onto the glider and tries to steal the magic Fire diamond. Stop it, before mouse out of sight!

Button life

When your young heir comes out in the big world, of course, from worry and anxiety is hard to resist. Personally, we are in just fell in love with smart watches to ensure the safety of children.

Школьная пора: готовимся к новому учебному году

This new GPS tracker is not only a functional modern gadgets (color touch screen, camera 0.3 MP, access to a telephone), but also provides parents a wide range of capabilities of control and operational assistance to the children. For girls available model Aimoto "Rapunzel", and the model Aimoto "Spider-Man" will become a reliable companion for boys. All devices are equipped with "SOS" button for instant communication with parents in problematic situations and support the geolocation to determine the exact location of the child.


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