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How to spend a weekend with children

Host of "Perfect weekend" and the young mother Diana Khodakovskaya know how to make so that vacation with the kids went well. consult with teledive

If you want weekends with the kids were fun and interesting activities should be planned. You also need to consider such factors as children's daily routine and diet. And, of course, to choose the right destination.


You can play team games, learn to roller skate, visit a family-run workshops in dance, arrange sports competitions between parents and children, and to go along with Cycling. My husband and I combine pleasant with useful: run, as in childhood, catch-up with our Nina, which is not quite two years old.

Tip: for sports suggest you to prepare in advance healthy snacks, water, first aid kit and dry clothes.


This includes spending time in the water Park, game centres, roads with obstacles, cinema or theatrical production. My daughter important to his mother and watched as she's having a wonderful time! She runs to me and shows.

Tip: watch cartoons, plays with the child, and then don't forget to discuss them together.

Как провести выходные с детьми

Diane Hodakovskaya: materials of press-services


This way of leisure can easily turn into an exciting adventure! For example, to go Hiking there to show how a compass works and how to do without it. During the walk you can talk about insects, herbs, trees, mushrooms and much more. Lunch can be organized in the format of a picnic.

Tip: store foods, disposable dishes, water, and drinks. Also take care of moist sanitary napkins, insecticides and do not forget that the clothes should be closed and fairly warm.

Cognitive rest

To instill in your child a love of learning, psychologists advise to include in the program of entertainment a trip to the exhibition in the Museum (e.g., dinosaurs), to the planetarium or the master class in cooking, painting or needlework.

Tip: find out first what is interesting to your child, and try to choose this direction.

Home joys

Joint modeling of dumplings, dumplings or pies combined with competitions for the best stuffing and games about the happy dumpling — one of the most memorable family pastime. This is what your child will remember with love and awe all his life.

By the way, for such cooking is often possible to talk with the child, that is, heart-to-heart. That maybe in another setting he would you said.


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