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A teenager in the house: how to communicate

Not all parents get to make contact with your child, especially when their son or daughter is experiencing a period of growing up. WomanHit prepared a few simple rules for the confused adults

Someone adolescence is not marked by any external manifestations, while the other part is young people are beginning to rebel. Parents in a panic, I don't know how to approach this native, however, gradually moving away substance.

One of the main ideas that you must understand parents, your kid's not a baby. Yes, he is still depending on you, but a natural process of separation is already running. In his life, new people and the authorities, and also do not forget about the physical changes that can strongly affect their fragile psyche of young people. You need to understand and accept these processes. This period was the least painless, you need to build the right communication with your teenager.

Подросток в доме: как общаться

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First tip: think about yourself

When you only have a child, you completely dedicate my life to him. Then he gets older, and here comes the moment when you need to stop and think about yourself. First, you take care of yourself that always has a positive effect on mood, and hence on the relationship with others. Secondly, you will be distracted from the constant control of Chad, it will reduce the number of misunderstandings in the house there will be peace.

Second tip: understand and accept the teen

Not so important, whose parent are you — girl or young man — the difference is not that big. You need to learn to accept your child, whatever it was. Perhaps he was rude, not attentive to you. But in this way he shapes himself. Least try not to be a dictator, because your support is now necessary as ever.

Third tip: talk about all

The time has come when you can discuss with your child almost any subject. Can tell stories from work, some funny incidents from the life. All this is necessary for the teenager to feel a part of your adult life, to which before he was not involved. You give him to understand that are open to all sorts of discussions, and on occasion he will treat "adult" question for you, and will not search for the answer on the side.

Подросток в доме: как общаться

Ask him disneyphoto:

Fourth tip: be interested in his life

If you've had a child with, for the most part, shared interests, he is now beginning to form their. Ask him to tell you what is currently popular in the culture — in music, movies, etc. Try to understand these things, even if not used they will seem alien to you, but eventually you yourself will not notice how become embroiled in a cycle of his life.

Use our tips and seek mutual understanding.


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