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How to raise a lady

Polite, modest, kind girl with a sense of self-esteem — a real reward for the parents. Useful tips from WomanHit how to do it

It is no secret that many women dream of as they have a daughter, and then they will make every effort to grow out of it if not the Princess, in an extreme case, a real lady. Men in this respect are not far behind and if the family has a tiny girl, treat her special with a thrill. It is important to develop a child's sense of beauty that will initiate the disclosure of femininity in the future.

If you aim to give the girl the best of everything, and, one of the important points is the development of the rules of decency in society. To do this, try to be (or become) such person, because children, especially at an early age, learn the way adults, by copying them in everything. Show that people should be treated with respect, be friendly and moderately responsive. Explain that in the case of events, it should match and look good.

Как воспитать леди

Many women dream of how they will appear, gochoco:

Especially important person in a girl's life is the mother, so women, who have a growing daughter, it is important to follow, what example does she set the girl. Encourage her desire to cook something or participate in other household chores. No need to get angry if not all goes smoothly. The first time an adult does not always work. Show that you value her help, thrash to participate in the preparation of dinner for the whole family. After your approval, she will begin to show more diligence, and will certainly succeed in a difficult household.

Pay attention to the games, try to participate in them and gently direct. If you play mothers and daughters, unobtrusive show the correct model of how to relate to his family. The same requirements apply to the Pope, after all, as it relates to the mother, to a large extent influences the choice of the future partner.

Как воспитать леди

Show them how to treat their sametto:

Teach the girl to show compassion, ability to empathize and to help the family when needed. Again, a personal example is required. For clarity, adopt a pet, let she try to take on some cases care for your pet.

It is also important to notice the hidden talents of the child. Watch the girl — there may be things to which she has a particular zeal. It is worth considering that children's Hobbies and interests change, so be sure to cover several areas of her interests not to miss an important one.

Как воспитать леди

It is important to notice the hidden talents of rebenito:

However, remember that a lady can only grow in an atmosphere of love and mutual respect. As a mom to girls example of the woman she could be and dad — the type of man she will meet in the future. Start with yourself — and your little girl will become a lady.


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