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Fashionable moms: is there a style after giving birth

When our lives come children, they change not only the rate but also in shape. A woman always want to be perfect. will help you to keep confidence in their appearance even in this hectic period

Clothes for young mothers is quite specific, so as to take into account features of the figure who brought the pregnancy and the change of pace of life after birth. We will help you to remain stylish, while you will have time to care for your baby.

Модные мамочки: есть ли стиль после родов

Almost all the women changing the figure after Rodolphe:

Dress after childbirth

Let's start with the moment when you already gave birth to a new man. Almost all changes women's figure after childbirth — changing and often not for the better. Of course, you can try to regain its former volume, but there are things that we in your body to not change. The main thing to understand is that you have the right to be on any body type. Because your beauty inside. We pay more attention to your advantages, it will be easier to hide the flaws, if any.

After delivery women very often fall into depression because of the appearance, so when choosing clothing it is important to consider the point that things which you acquire should please you, to give an emotional lift.

Модные мамочки: есть ли стиль после родов

The main thing to understand is that you have the right to be in any teloslojenie:

What not to do

Try to get into things in which you walked before pregnancy. Accept the fact that your body has changed, and now you won't get the same effect as before, when you have not planned the pregnancy. You will not get anything but irritation and frustration. Especially in your life have brought tremendous changes, and therefore do not need to drag things from the past to the present.

Buy only clothes for pregnant women, things you will appear at least two sizes larger. Dimensionless things can not hide flaws, but only make you look untidy.

It is not necessary to buy unlimited amount of clothes. Tune in to what your form will change, so if you bought in the first month after birth, a bunch of stuff, be prepared that most of you will have to either throw away or give to a friend as they will do you just great.

Refrain from tight things. Put a cross on delicate fabrics that do not keep their shape. They only accentuate plain relief. This applies to dresses, tops and t-shirts.

Don't take things too dark colors. During this period, you can not oppress the psyche even more. Black and close to it colors will only make you close. And because you don't need it, right?

What to pay attention

Colored things. Go online and look through various catalogs, or check on the store's website, look at what colors are you particularly attracted to right now. Let's say your choice was red. But pay attention to your skin if it is prone to redness, choose softer shades, but not red. The rule for buying colored things only works if you get the upper hand.

Модные мамочки: есть ли стиль после родов

In the first months your main activity will be Hiking with malasorte:

Experiment with the kits. For example, the blouse and jeans, or a shirt and skinny pants. These kits will fit moms of all sizes, things you will not embarrass even a walk with the child.

Create a double-layered top. For example, a shirt and a cardigan. The point is, to create a line that will lengthen your silhouette. So try to pick things that the top thing was darker than the inside.

Don't underestimate the top clothes and shoes. In the first months your main activity will be Hiking with a toddler so don't skimp on the outerwear and warm shoes in winter. Important not so much appearance, how much comfort and protection from hypothermia. Choose jackets, jackets with lining. After all, in the down jacket can be stylish, the main thing — to choose it on the figure. Buy a few accessories such as a scarf and a hat that will stand out against the dull coat.

Pay attention to the hair. They should be clean and combed, otherwise all your efforts on the selection of things will go down the drain.

Listen to our advice and stay stylish for themselves and their families!

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