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The challenging child: how to cope

Not all parents are able to rein in a little restless. But children often blame themselves for adults. share ways to establish contact between different generations

Probably everyone in their life has ever heard from friends or on television about "difficult children". About them psychologists, to make films where such children are submitted to an ordeal for the family. Maybe it is not so?

Sadly, many parents complain: "can't do anything, the child is very difficult", and no need to explain how difficult the life of these people under one roof with a young rebel.

These children are quite difficult to find a contact. They completely deny the authority of the elders and does not obey the rules. Many adults, parents and teachers often nerves and no desire to fight, can only go on about their child, if only he calmed down.

Сложный ребенок: как справиться

Why children grow "difficult"?Photo:

No need to worry much: any child can find its own approach, if you manage to establish rapport with the heir, and you, and it will be much easier, you will see your child with a completely different side.

However, raising a child with a difficult temperament will require significant psychological and emotional investments, and sometimes you may want the assistance of a qualified psychologist. The basic thing to understand parents, is such a person in your child for the most part they have formed themselves.

Why children grow "difficult"

On the formation of the psyche of the child is affected by his environment, particularly his family. If the parents are not respectable, and all that he sees around him a child is an alcoholic spree, it is hardly possible to expect a positive development of personality.

Base adult is laid in childhood, parents. The child must feel that he is loved and will protect the family if necessary. Adhering to this course of love and understanding, you will achieve understanding and lay the foundations for the harmonious development of the child.

Interestingly, not always "difficult" child is such, perhaps, was all in his hyperactivity and excessive curiosity.

Сложный ребенок: как справиться

Try to allow a little of balletto:

They are trying to learn this world through his own trials, often wrong and expect punishment for it if you are too strict parent. Try to allow a little more.

It might sound weird, but think about it: is there any benefit of your inhibitions? Your child certainly did things his own way, cost you only to turn away. Try at least once to allow what had long been banned, and look at the result.

No need to panic that the baby will quickly understand that you can "sit on the neck", rather, it will exclude a situation when the child does something to anger you.

The expected reaction will be a desire to do everything that was impossible before, yet the bans are not in force again. Will have to wait some time, the child had to understand that this is not a temporary indulgence of the parents, and the opportunity to establish new relationships, more open, after which it will fuse itself.

It is quite a complex step, because it is believed that permissiveness to anything good does not. Of course, it does not, but it's not a permissiveness rather easy monitoring of the behavior, but the choice of the child should be.

Tips for building rapport with a child

You have to constantly communicate, no matter what the circumstances: whether you go for a walk or relaxing at home together. The child needs to feel care and support of parents, only in this case, his psyche will be healthy.

Сложный ребенок: как справиться

You have to constantly communicate with reencontro:

He must show respect for you, and this is possible if you spend more time together, to talk to him and try to understand. In the process of communication, you should gently show your child what it is not right and as was to do.

For parents it is very important to show emotions, but don't immediately grab for the strap: violence begets only violence. Always try to explain to the child, specify the reasons for your dissatisfaction. A good way — please.

One of the problems of unpleasant situations try to persuade the child to go your way, justifying your position and explaining why it would be better for him. And of course, we should not forget about discipline and routine, the child will try to find your weak spots.

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