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How to instill in your child a love of music

Musician, teacher, composer, nominated "Stereotypes of the future"-2018 and endorser of many brands of musical Anna topchieva tells how to do it using an unusual instrument called the hang

To instill a love of music to children in the modern world there are many possibilities. The world is full of unusual, beautiful and amazing sounds and musical instruments. And best opportunity to instill in your child a love for music — do it with soul, namely, using musical instruments collection idiophones, for example, a hang, because the music Hangu — the music of the soul.

Hang or Handpan is not just a mysterious word, but with a new musical instrument, resembling a flying saucer with unusual, even cosmic sound. It was created in 2001 in Bern (Switzerland) and combines resonating instruments, which has a beneficial effect on humans. Hang not just mesmerizing for their sound children and adults, but also awakens the desire to develop such a tool. Children it is advisable to start teaching as early as possible. There are analogues of Hangu, which are called Glucoboy, they are smaller, they can be played with sticks or hands, and gradually, by the age of 9, you will learn the hang, and the age limit does not exist.

Как привить ребенку любовь к музыке

Music Hangu – the music docility archive Anna

As you begin your journey in the world of art and music with Hangu, a child will learn to listen to yourself and the world around them, learn to reveal your essence and the essence of what surrounds it. Sound Hanga deep and mysterious — will not leave indifferent neither child nor adult. Many children state that they play magic, the outer drum.

Training game not only facilitates the development of a love child for music, but also has health benefits hang relaxes the body and calms the nervous system. The sound hung attractive and melodious, sometimes mystical.

Как привить ребенку любовь к музыке

Children of Anne love musicality archive Anna

When children play this instrument, then they have a sense of joy from the fact that they are themselves the creators of their own music. Already in the first lesson the child will perform his first improvisation. And it will give him greater confidence in themselves and their musical abilities. Music gives the child the feeling of happiness. Hang for children — not just a tool, but a way to show my inner state and mood, experiences. The music hung are born different images — nature, space or fairy tale characters. Children always fantasize, and this further helps them to discover themselves, to develop the creative side and the freedom of thinking, as well as increased independence. With this begins the love of music. And older students in audio streams lead away from the frantic pace of life and bustle, help to forget about problems, and they have an opportunity to truly unwind and relax.

Learning to play the Hang, the children are in a comfortable space in which they are happy to develop new skills: children get acquainted not only with musical notation and rhythmic patterns, they also develop attention, perseverance, ability to cooperate, to listen to themselves and others, develop musical skills and strengthen coordination, hearing and motor skills of hands. Children have a freshness of perception. They asked many questions and wonder of the uniqueness Handpan.

Music lessons contribute to the harmonious work of both hemispheres of the brain, which increases the General level of intelligence of the child. Learning to play a musical instrument makes children more susceptible to many things in life that often helps them to become leaders in adulthood. And most importantly, immersing the child in a world of beautiful music, we are developing the spiritual world of the child, making it richer! Hang not only has beneficial effects on psychological and physical state, leading thoughts in order, but also gives a new sensation and experience. Hung, certainly endowed with the properties to awaken a heightened interest children with its charming uniqueness.

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