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How to punish a child without harm to the psyche

Not all parents know how to communicate with their children. will tell you how to do in a conflict situation in order not to violate the inner world of your baby

It is interesting that almost every parent is sure that properly educates your child. Even if the child misbehaves and does not listen, mom and dad are sure to blame the neighborhood/school/friends — anyone but them. At the slightest misdemeanor Chad, adults sometimes just go out of themselves, often using physical force. Naturally, the child in such a situation certainly will not grow up to be a productive member of society. However, the child still needs to explain that sometimes he is wrong. So how do you do? Let's get together.

Как наказать ребенка без вреда для психики

Children learn about the world and are committed to razrusheniyu:

No need to punish the child just like that

Usually children learn about the world and doing it is not always correct: sometimes violate the personal space of others or breaking things. Not worth it like a hawk to pounce on a kid just because he showed interest. Explain to him what he is wrong, and next time he will think before doing something. Otherwise, the child may grow up insecure. You need to encourage activity and interest in the world.

Separate the concepts of "offer" and "instruction"

Here it is important to do just adult. There is a huge difference between "Maybe you should play elsewhere?" and "do Not play on the road." In the second case you encourage the child to think about security and not lose your head. Only if he disobeyed your instructions, you need to use punishment, but only just, without shouts and blows.

Как наказать ребенка без вреда для психики

Don't be too, emocionalnoe:

Do not need strong emotions

Many adults tend to control everyone around, especially their children. Parents often impose on the child the burden of expectations, but rarely do their expectations come true. This leads to overt aggression by the parent. The child begin to oppress and abuse for the slightest offense. Think about how fragile the psyche can react to your rude remark. You don't want your child to grow up to be a man completely without will and desires to obey more powerful people, without considering their desires?

Don't punish publicly

You can't imagine how confusing and annoying criticism on people. Even adult. Humiliating the child in public, you go his personal boundaries, show that you have the right to belittle him. Therefore, if the child did something wrong, take him aside and tell me why he is wrong and how to do next time.

Как наказать ребенка без вреда для психики

Do not swear, and objasniajace:

Keep a promise

If you have something banned child, so the ban lasts longer than a few hours. Should you ever succumb to the entreaties of the baby, as he begins to manipulate you, and then completely stopped believing your threats. Be consistent.

Immediately punish or do not punish at all

There is an unspoken parent rule: to punish, to forgive, to forget. Remember that regular punishment for the misdeeds of the past lead to the development of various mental disorders. In conversation, if you learned about the offense later, you just speak with a child this question and explain the consequences.

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