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Who are children of celebrities: the most unexpected profession says, than to earn a living heirs Kuzmina, Bulanova, Andreeva and others

Vladimir Kuzmin — daughter Sofia

The girl became famous thanks to participation in "Factory of stars-3", but the singer's career did not happen — Victor Drobysh at the last moment decided not to include it in the group "Tutsi". Solo career has not produced the expected results: a girl kept afloat only thanks to the famous names. Later, Sonia became fascinated with flowers — in her Instagram regularly flashed photos collected bouquets and individual flower buds. By the way, the girl is pretty well — subscribers and praised her success. However, the heiress Kuzmin decided to try their luck again on the path to celebrity status — she again performs her own composition, but does not neglect the glory of the father, being a guest at his concerts.

Elena Yakovleva — son Denis

Son Denis was born in 1992 married Helen with actor Valery Crazy. From childhood the boy was fond of theater and wanted to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Denis in 11 years starred in the episode "If tomorrow a campaign". Schooling the young man continued in the UK, after he returned to Russia and entered the directing Department of the Institute of television and radio. However, the fascination with acting quickly abandoned — took up bodybuilding and decided to cover most of the body tattoos. Elena Yakovleva said in an interview: "When Denis wanted to get my first tattoo, told me about it. Say, want to do a portrait of dick, our dog, family pet". Lover boy — master tattoo salon — only strengthened the passion for tattoos: his body was 70% covered with them! "I've accepted — let it be the greatest misfortune that happens with Dennis in my life," answers to the endless questions of journalists actress. Last spring, the guy worked as a teacher in the prestigious "School of Rosatom" — said that the work he liked. At the same time he decided to create his rock band had already recorded several songs.

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Konstantin Kryukov

Heir to a famous dynasty of actors and Directors known for the films "9 Rota" and "hooked!". Constantine is a really interesting person, after all, besides the main profession, since childhood, he enjoys painting, swimming and even jewelry. So, in Prague, he organized his own art Studio, and in collaboration with the British jewelry company has released a collection of jewelry. "Since youth are engaged in the jewelry business. Now create jewelry for friends," — says Konstantin in an interview. The mother of the actor recalls how at age 17 he gave made them a diamond ring, a stone had a unique hook up. It is possible that his passion was influenced by a childhood spent in Switzerland — the country is well-known skill of creating jewelry.

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Tatiana Bulanova — the son of Alexander

The heir of the singer from his first marriage with the producer of the popular 90s group "the Summer garden" is different from other children of celebrities. At mom's insistence, he entered the St. Petersburg Institute of culture, where she studied, but soon abandoned his studies. Now the young man works as a Barista making coffee in a Moscow cafe. "Sasha knows everything about coffee. But I'm not very fond of this drink, prefer tea. Of course, I support my son. Each must go its own way," said the singer in the TV show, which starred together with children. Alexander notes that "confident in the future" thanks to a steady income, but not averse to the music. However, plans to save up for a dream — while income does not allow him to get publicity and become famous.

Кем работают дети знаменитостей: самые неожиданные профессии

The Son Of Tatiana, Bolnovato:

Ekaterina Andreeva — daughter Natalia

In my first marriage, leading the "First channel" with the same age as Andrei Nazarov was born the only daughter Catherine. Natalia graduated from the faculty of law and Finance at MGIMO, works in the specialty. The girl does not lead a public life and does not appear with mom at social events. It is not known about the family daughter Andreeva — she leading not spread about his personal life, preferring to hide her from the eyes of the fans. Under the photo in Instagram Ekaterina Andreeva said: "truly I am proud of several things in my personal life. I quit Smoking mnooooogo years ago. And the second I was able to raise a daughter, friend of my bosom, and be to her same friend, sharing all of life's conflicts, travel, laughter, tears, I taught her to love animals and nature. She was taken from a shelter dog, she rescues animals, is not it pours, tap the excess water and collects garbage in different containers. She thinks of the Planet much better than I" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

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