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How to protect your baby from cold

In the cold season, children are often prone to infections. advise on how to alleviate his condition and, if possible, to avoid the disease

When a child is born, his body is not able to resist viruses and bacteria. The immune system begins to be formed later, when the body collides with the surrounding infections. Most often, children suffer from colds, you probably remember how in elementary school you almost didn't get out of bed, trying to cope with the flu.

Now you are faced with the problem of childhood diseases as an adult, a parent, and if you don't know how to shorten the period of illness of your child, we will help with advice.

Как защитить ребенка от простуды

In kindergarten infections are transmitted through shared, visitto:

The main task is to support the immune system, which serves as a natural barrier against various infections. How can we support it?

While the child is very young, try a little longer to feed him breast milk for at least six months. Mother's milk is the ideal Foundation for building a strong immunity.

When the child is able to eat as adults, add to his diet as many fruits and vegetables, if there are no contraindications. Try not to repeat: alternate cereals, for example, Grechka today, tomorrow rice and so on. This way you will be able to maintain an optimal balance of vitamins.

Fresh air is necessary for a growing organism. According to statistics, children whose parents walk at least two hours a day, get sick much less often peers who spend most of the day at home. In addition, you can combine walking with exercise.

Let the baby sleep for a healthy sleep helps the body to regenerate and renew itself.

Do not let the child to hypothermia or overheating. Depending on the age of the child choose appropriate clothing: infants dress a little warmer than himself, because he lies almost motionless, but the older children, from two years old and beyond, do not need too much to insulate. It is best to choose layered clothing so in case to take off your warm jacket and give the child to overheat.

Do not allow the air in the nursery was too dry. Buy a special humidifier and besides, watch the temperature: it should be not less than 25 degrees.

Как защитить ребенка от простуды

The baby's immune system is formed, remanente:

If the child goes to kindergarten

You need to be patient, because in the first year in kindergarten, the child will be constantly ill. However, this period will not last long and will be very useful to the school, where miss classes should not be, because it can affect performance. Therefore it is better to go through this "sick" time in the garden.

In the garden children are infected through common goods and toys. There is already the case for teachers who need to maintain cleanliness and sterility of the room. If this is not done, it may be the outbreak of a viral disease, for which the institution will close on quarantine, and you have to sit with the child at home until better times. Of course, we can't influence the work of the kindergarten staff, but can protect the child by doing the following.

Как защитить ребенка от простуды

The baby's immune system is formed, remanente:

At the slightest deterioration of the leave the child with relatives or stay with them yourself. If there is rhinitis, do nasal rinses and let's drink more fluids. A good option is to do the cleaning of the premises in which the child is to ventilate it, and again drink the baby. By following these simple tips, you will ease the course of the disease several times and will be able to avoid complications.

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