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How to overcome jealousy between children

Often there is a situation, when the kids communicate with each other is not the way you would like. will give a few tips to strengthen your family relationships

When the family's youngest child was born, very often the older children begin to treat him with jealousy. What to do in such a situation and how to explain to the child that now he had a brother or sister?

A typical situation: while the mom is pregnant, the children are looking forward to recharge, excitedly told how to play and pamper younger, but with the birth of a child the situation changes dramatically.

Children are jealous because they are afraid of competition for the love of parents, of other reasons they simply cannot be. Parents should show more attention to the elder, if they see that the child is highly distressed by the replenishment of the family.

We will give some tips to parents who want to prevent this unpleasant situation.

Как побороть ревность между детьми

Children do not always make friends, sobotta:

The eldest child will not let the youngest to bed

At least a few months before the baby is born, get the older child a new crib, to the time of birth of the youngest old bed was free, and the eldest child had not experienced stress due to the fact that his bed is taken away. Tell him he is old enough to sleep in beds for adults and old it is possible to give the baby.

Older child also wants to be fed breast milk

No need to sharply deny the child, you will only provoke hysterical crying. Instead, you must explain to the child that if mom will feed an older child, the younger may not be enough, especially on a shelf in the kitchen he can take something delicious. Only in advance to put the Goodies.

Как побороть ревность между детьми

Children want to play, not to take on adult obyazannostyu:

The child requires the return of Junior back to the hospital

Do not scold the child if he heard from him that request. Tell us how the child is lucky that he has a younger relative, because now they can play together when the youngest is a little older. If a senior were waiting for the younger brother, tell me that the baby knew it and am very glad that now they finally met.

Eldest child does not sleep baby

Invite the elder to speak in a whisper, so as not to disturb the sleeping babies. You can talk to the child about how when he was little, everyone is very respectful of his needs. In a pinch, take anything baby.

The older child is feeling left out

At least for a few hours a day to shift their responsibilities to grandparents or other relatives to devote this time to the older child. You can put a baby to sleep for a couple hours while grandma quietly watching the bed. This time you will be enough to make up for the lack of communication with the senior.

The older child hurts the younger

If you in response to his aggression starts to show rudeness on their part, the reaction of Buda exact opposite of what you expect. Just do not leave children alone, always watch what they do together.

Как побороть ревность между детьми

The child may feel lonely when the family mladshego:

The older child bore the responsibilities to care for younger

The children want to play, not to drag myself to the problems of adults. Leave baby in the stroller for him to sleep, and in the meantime play with the senior. It must not be forced to engage with a younger child, it will only provoke aggression, and, in General, this duty is yours. If you want to bring the children, do it gradually.

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